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NFT Games: See The Top NFT Games And Cash In


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The best NFT games have complete immersion, great UX, tokenized in-game assets, and a liquid marketplace. In this article, we are going to discuss the top NFT games in 2023 and how players can benefit from a robust crypto game, such as Chainers. Interested readers will explore methods of accumulating passive income with NFT beginner crypto games.

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Top 5 NFT Games in 2023

Get to learn about the 5 best crypto games free platforms and experience rewarding gameplay.

1.   Chainers

Chainers is a next-generation Web 3.0 game for fun seekers to immerse themselves in exciting gameplay where they collect, build and own in-game assets. Creativity on Chainers is limitless. The more you build, the wealthier you become. Every day, good players have the opportunity of claiming free NFTs on Chainers. The Chainers game already has over 200,000 players today. The game is also available on AR via New Horizons, where players experience almost real virtual gameplay. All of these features are accessible through your smartphone, laptop, and computing devices.

2.   The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a community-driven web 3.0 platform for creators to monetize their gaming experience using blockchain technology. Sandbox bundles three products together; these include a marketplace, a game-maker feature, and VoxEdit. The marketplace facilitates buying, selling, and collecting of in-game virtual assets. On the other hand, the game maker allows players to imagine and create the game of their dreams. Finally, VoxEdit allows creators to build and animate voxel art. The best thing about Sandbox is the ability to own, create or invest in virtual real estate. There are two tokens available on Sandbox, LAND and SAND.

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3.   Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality metaverse platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform allows creators to build, experience, and monetize their content, art, and creations in a virtual reality world. Users can navigate Decentraland, buy land plots, build real estate, and even monetize their creations. Decentraland came to birth after a $24 million ICO in 2017. The platform launched its beta in 2019 and rolled out the public net in 2020. In only 3 years, the platform has managed to pull a huge following of gamers and NFT enthusiasts. These users are creating next-gen experiences, interactive games, building virtual real estate, and deploying diverse interactive experiences.

4.   Sorare

Sorare is the first-of-its-kind trading card game (TCG) and free-to-play (F2P) sports and fantasy football. The game allows players to choose from 215+ licensed footballs and build an expendable fantasy football team using the collectible cards of the teams they love. Sorare uses blockchain technology to tokenize the club’s collectible cards into non-fungible tokens. This means you can sell or exchange these NFTs for money, cryptocurrencies, or other valuable cards. Think of Sorare as a 2023 TCG fantasy football game on the blockchain, one where players win free NFTs by playing and having fun.

5.   CryptoKitties

One of the earliest NFT projects is CryptoKitties. However, it is this very collection and game going by the same name that gave birth to the NFT craze. As a result, a gentleman named Mike WInkelMan sold a digital NFT collection of 5,000 pieces of art for $69 million. That was on 11th March 2021. CryptoKitties game is an Ethereum-based decentralized app that Axiom Labs unveiled to attract the mass audience to blockchain gaming. However, it is Dapper Labs that spun off the brand into a separate company.

How to Choose a Top NFT Game to Cash in?

NFT games follow the Web 3.0 model of ownership, control, player-centric experiences, and control. Some of the basic features to look for when identifying a suitable NFT game include:

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  • Ownership Control: NFTs are the SI unit of digital ownership and blockchain certification. Therefore, a good NFT game will allow users to own assets and facilitate smooth ownership transfer of these assets. Blockchain technology has the capability of owning in-game assets on one game and using them on another platform. These assets should also be liquid and should be easily convertible into crypto or liquid cash. This is why most NFT games come with a payment token.
  • Player-centric: The gaming experience and interface of a Web 3.0 game have to be top-notch and fully immersive. All preferences and appearances should be according to player interests and tastes.
  • Transparency and community: Transparency and community are the heart of Web 3.0 gaming. Therefore, good NFT games have vibrant communities on Discord, Reddit, or Telegram where gamers discuss common topics. Transparency is also a highlight across these games and the community. A few NFT games come with DAO governance and usually include a native governance token where top stakers participate in key decisions.

Top Pick: The Top NFT Games Is the One You Love

Most definitely, players love an NFT game with all the above features. In a game where the community is central, P2E features are available, and the gameplay is player-centric. Chainers is one such game committed to providing fun-seeking gameplay to everyone. Some of the benefits of playing on Chainers include a gamer-centric model, generous rewards, personalized preferences, free NFTs, and sustainable tokenomics. As of now, Chainers has surpassed the 200K community members mark.


In the above article, we reviewed the Top NFT games for Web 3.0 gamers to cash in and make passive income. A considerable amount of research resulted in a number of considerations. All of these considerations emphasized the need for transparency, tokenomics, and community as the primary features of suitable NFT games. Enjoy your top picks. Happy minting.

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