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Long-Term XRP Critic Turns Over New Leaf, Sees XRP Among Top Performers in Next Bull Run


A crypto investor who once hated XRP now believes it has the potential to be one of the best performers in the next bull run.

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In an interesting turn of events, crypto investor Virtual Bacon took to X to renege on his hatred for XRP. According to Bacon, his multi-year hatred for XRP centered around XRP’s supposed bad performance and concerns about centralization. 

However, the crypto investor is now seeing XRP in a new light. Bacon expressed that he earnestly believes XRP has the potential to rock the crypto market in the coming bull season.

Bacon particularly envisions XRP among the best performers in the bull rally expected next year and beyond.

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The investor remarked: 

“I hated XRP for years for its centralization and bad price performance. But now I truly believe $XRP will be one of the best performers in the next bull run.”

Furthermore, Bacon argued that most other prominent rival cryptocurrencies in the market were becoming irrelevant by the day. According to him, such large market-cap digital assets have either lost substantial value or community relevance. 

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Crypto Community Reacts 

Bacon’s recent remarks about XRP saw massive engagement from the crypto community. Some expressed that while it may take years, enough people will come to appreciate XRP.

Also, Indian crypto entrepreneur Suraj highlighted the irrational judgment people exhibit toward cryptocurrencies. 

“Cryptocurrency is like love, often irrational, but always profound,” Suraj remarked.

Meanwhile, Suraj was similarly bullish about XRP for the coming bull season.

XRP in Next Bull Run

Many expert crypto analysts have cautioned crypto investors not to leave out XRP while they stock their bags ahead on the bull run. They primarily argued based on historical trends. 

According to a recent report by The Crypto Basic, XRP is about to counter a five-year-long downtrend. Based on the chart pattern, the rally could see XRP grow over 1,400% to $10 when the bull market kicks in.

This forecast cites historical data indicating similar price performances a 2018. Specifically, XRP surged to a record peak of $3.84 in 2018 from under one cent in 2014. This remarkable growth marked an exceptional expansion of more than 1,000%.

Alex Cobb


Although XRP subsequently experienced a bearish trend, a similar historical pattern is currently unfolding as XRP trades around $0.62.

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