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If Shiba Inu Hits $0.01, Former US Congressional Candidate Promises To Delete His Twitter Account 


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David Gokhshtein is confident that SHIB will never hit the $0.01 mark. 

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Gokhshtein Media founder and Former US Congressional Candidate David Gokhshtein has expressed confidence that Shiba Inu (SHIB) will not reach the 1 cent ($0.01) price mark. 

To show his confidence, Gokhshtein promised to delete his X (formerly Twitter) account if SHIB ever hits $0.01. The former United States Congressional candidate made this known in a tweet today. 

“$SHIB is not going to $0.01, or I’ll f**king delete this account,” said Gokhshtein. 

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In a follow-up tweet, Gokhshtein speculated that the best price SHIB could ever reach is $0.001. He highlighted two major factors that could hinder SHIB from reaching $0.01- the asset’s circulating supply and contract. 

Per Gokhshtein, SHIB reaching $0.01 could see the asset class worth more than the United States in terms of valuation. 

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Gokhshtein Changes Stance 

It is noteworthy that Gokhshtein has been urging SHIB to hit $0.01. In an August 2022 tweet, Gokhshtein asked SHIB to do him a favor and surge to 1 cent. 

He also promised to sell his SHIB holdings if the asset ever reaches the milestone. With the crypto asset plunging heavily in recent times, Gokhshtein’s expectations have also dropped. 

In January, Gokhstein said he would delete his X account if SHIB eventually surged to $0.01. Several months later, Gokhshtein is now speculating that SHIB will not clinch the 1-cent mark. 

Despite having doubts that SHIB would ever reach $0.01, Gokhshtein is still an ardent supporter of Shiba Inu. Gokhshtein’s support for SHIB made him declare himself the unofficial leader of Shiba Inu last year. 

SHIB Valuation Will Hit $5.9T At $0.01

Meanwhile, despite its low price, several holders still believe SHIB can reach a penny. At press time, SHIB was trading at $0.00000850, up 1.3%. For the token to reach $0.01, it would have to rally 117,647% from its current price. 

With a circulating supply of 589.33 trillion, SHIB’s market capitalization will be around $5.9 trillion if it eventually hits $0.01. 

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