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Shibarium in Private Mode as Shiba Inu Team Gears Up for Enhanced Security Measures Ahead of Public Relaunch


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Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Live But Not For Public, as SHIB team ready to test chain extensively.

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama shares an update on Shibarium, revealing that the layer-2 network is online in private mode with deep testing underway.

Shiba Inu proponents are bursting with energy following a recent Shibarium update from Shytoshi Kusama. The announcement revealed that all issues on the newly-launched layer-2 network have been sorted. The Shiba Inu lead developer added that the team would keep working to ensure maximum scalability on the network.

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Shibarium Back Online In Private Mode

Accordingly, the Shiba Inu lead developer noted that Shibarium is now live but not open for public access yet. The aim is to enable the development team to execute deep testing on the blockchain to ensure perfect security status. Also, Kusama reported that block production resumed yesterday on the private-mode Shibarium.

“Shibarium is currently live (but in private mode) producing blocks as normal,” he wrote.

He further said that the SHIB team should rest to get a fresh start to solve all security problems before making Shibarium public again.

Recall that Shibarium’s debut encountered drawbacks, with block production halted on the network last week. At the time of writing, the designated explorer Shibariumscan showed that the last block on the Shibarium mainnet was produced on Thursday.

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The most notable problem amid the Shibarium launch was the trapping of 965 ETH worth roughly $1.7 million at the time on the Ethereum bridge. This triggered severe FUDs from several bad actors, who shared photoshopped chats to dent Shiba Inu’s image.

As reported by The Crypto Basic, this negative development erupted due to the unexpectedly high engagement on the Shibarium network after launch. Shibarium users deposited 1000 ETH tokens and 600,000 BONE tokens within 15 minutes. Over 160 million compute units were recorded on Shibarium within 30 minutes.

Since the team secured only 400 million compute units per month from Alchemy, Shibarium was temporarily halted to increase its capacity. According to Kusama, Shibarium scaling and capacity have been increased by 1,500%. Amid these positive developments and ongoing work, Shiba Inu proponents are hopeful Shibarium will soon be up for public use.

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