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XRP Emerges as Top Choice Among South Korean Youth


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Reports show South Korean investors in their 20s prefer to invest in XRP.

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A new report has drawn comparisons between different age groups of South Korean investors and their investment in crypto, revealing that 20.7% of investors in their 20s prefer XRP over other digital assets.

According to the report, this figure outweighs their interest in established counterparts like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which constitute less than 18% of their crypto portfolios.

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At the same time, investors aged 30 and above preferred Bitcoin and Ethereum, which account for up to 28% of their crypto holdings.

As per the report, those in their 20s are aligned towards a short-term market outlook, leading to approximately 82% of their allocation going towards altcoins, encompassing not only XRP but also lesser-known tokens like Minds of Dalania and Felaz.

The report also acknowledged people in their 30s, stating their holdings in Bitcoin and Ethereum indicated a long-term market perspective.

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A noteworthy observation emerges with investors in their 60s who have allocated 23% of their crypto investments to the two leading digital assets. According to the report, this age group stands out for having a significant portion of their portfolio going to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Other age demographics in the report include investors in their 50s, who allocated 22.2%, and those in their 40s, who allocated 21.7% to BTC and ETH, respectively.

XRP maintained a consistent presence among all age groups’ portfolios, recording the highest investment ratio among all participants. South Korean Investors in their 20s, 30s,50s, 40s and 60s had an XRP investment ratio of 20.7%, 17.0%,14.9%, 13.8% and 11.8% respectively.

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