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Gemini Users Can Now Earn XRP with Card Purchases


Gemini Credit Card now allows users to earn XRP rewards on dining, groceries, and other purchases.

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Prominent US-based exchange Gemini has unveiled another promotional offer targeting XRP enthusiasts. In its latest XRP offering, Gemini offers investors the chance to accumulate the digital asset as rewards. 

In particular, Gemini announced in a recent tweet that its users can now earn XRP via Gemini Credit Card. 

“Who’s going to earn XRP rewards on their Gemini Credit Card,” Gemini remarked in the tweet.

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XRP on Gemini Credit Card

In the official announcement, Gemini noted that its users can earn tips for all tokens it supports for trading. The exchange supports XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and 40 others.

Users will receive the XRP bonuses when they use their Gemini Credit Card for everyday purchases. The exchange noted that users’ Gemini accounts will receive the reward instantly without delay the moment they make a swipe.

“It’s the only credit card that deposits your crypto rewards immediately,” Gemini brags.

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Notably, Gemini is offering XRP investors 3% cashback on dining expenses. It gives 2% back on grocery shopping and 1% on every other transaction.

Additionally, the exchange clarified that users will incur no annual fees to use their credit cards. Also, it highlighted that users will neither pay foreign transaction charges nor exchange fees to acquire the crypto tips.

Furthermore, Gemini said that users can worry less about the security of their cards. It revealed the cards are under Mastercard’s security system to ensure no identity theft or unauthorized transactions. It also noted that the cards have two-step authentication. 

Meanwhile, the exchange gave a few disclaimer notes. Among them was that participants should be aware that investing in crypto bears the risk of financial loss.

Gemini XRP Support

Since Gemini listed XRP, the exchange has taken multiple steps to promote the digital asset.

Gemini recently concluded a promotion called ‘The XRP Faucet.’ In the campaign, the exchange offered users the chance to earn 20 XRP daily for one week.

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