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Here’s How Much You Need to Make $10 Million with Shiba Inu If SHIB Hits $0.0001, $0.001, $0.01 or $0.1 


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With the Shibarium team preparing to relaunch the network for public use, we’ve highlighted how much you need to invest to make $10M with Shiba Inu if the asset hits $0.0001, $0.001, $0.01, or $0.1. 

As the bull market approaches, crypto investors are considering possible ways to become a multi-millionaire with Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu embarked on a remarkable rally in 2021, turning many average-income earners into multi-millionaires. 

According to a CoinGecko report, the leading canine-themed cryptocurrency turned a $12 investment into $1 million in 2021. Although Shiba Inu is not guaranteed to repeat its 2021 rally, investors can still become multi-millionaires if the token surges to particular price levels. 

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However, this would depend entirely on your SHIB holdings. The more SHIB tokens you own, the better your chance of becoming a double-digit millionaire if the price surges. 

Several market analysts have recently made favorable predictions for SHIB based on its ongoing ecosystem development. As reported earlier, the Shiba Inu team launched the highly-anticipated Shibarium mainnet for public use. Although Shibarium encountered a technical issue, the team plans to relaunch the L2 blockchain again. 

Market Analysts Make Favorable SHIB Forecasts 

Interestingly, analysts have provided different price forecasts for SHIB following the launch of Shibarium. These market analysts speculate that SHIB could soar to $0.0001, $0.001, $0.01, or $0.1, respectively. 

It is worth noting that these price predictions are above the crypto asset’s previous all-time high of $0.00008616. At press time, SHIB is down 90.52% from its previous ATH. 

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Per CoinGecko, SHIB is changing hands at $0.00000817, up 1.1% over the past 24 hours. 

As market analysts envision SHIB to surge to $0.0001, $0.001, $0.01, or $0.1, we have highlighted how many tokens you need to hold to rake in $10 million at each price level. 

How to Make $10M With SHIB At $0.0001

For SHIB to hit $0.0001, the crypto asset must rally 1,123% from its current price. If SHIB surpasses its previous ATH of $0.00008616 and rallies to $0.0001, investors must hold 100 billion SHIB to make $10 million. 

At the current exchange rate of $0.00000817, 100 billion SHIB is worth $817,000. Therefore, you would need to invest $817,000 at the current price to rake in $10M if SHIB hits $0.0001. 

Make $10M With SHIB At $0.001

SHIB hitting $0.001 is an even more daunting task for Shiba Inu. For the cryptocurrency to achieve this feat, it must rally 12,139% from its current price of $0.00000817. 

To make $10M with Shiba Inu at $0.001, an investor would need to hold 10 billion SHIB tokens. These 10 billion SHIB tokens can be procured at $81,700 at the current exchange rate. Notably, an investor would need $81,700 to make $10M if SHIB surges to $0.001. 

How to Make $10M With SHIB At $0.01

For many speculators, SHIB could one day surge to 1-cent ($0.01) if the team behind the project continues to release essential upgrades. This may seem unlikely for many as SHIB would need to spike 122,299% from its current price to achieve the milestone. 

Although unlikely, an investor would need to hold 1 billion SHIB to rake in $10 million at $0.01. At the current rate, the 1 billion SHIB tokens can be purchased at $8,170. 

Therefore, an investor would need to splash $8,170 now to make $10 million if SHIB hits $0.01. 

How to Make $10M With SHIB At $0.1 

While SHIB hitting $0.1 is seen as an impossible target, many analysts still believe the feat can be achieved. It is worth noting that SHIB must appreciate by 1,223,890% from its current exchange rate to reach $0.1. 

If this happens, a Shiba Inu investor would need to hold 100 million SHIB to rake in $10 million when the price hits $0.1. These 100 million SHIBs can be purchased at $817 at the current exchange rate. Notably, you would need to invest $817 now to make $10M if SHIB reaches $0.1. 

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