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Analyst Sees XRP as New Oil for the 4th Industrial Revolution


The founder of Digital Perspectives, a prominent XRP community figure, sees XRP leading the anticipated fourth industrial revolution.

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In particular, he highlighted that XRP could take the transformative place oil occupied while leading the Industrial Revolution.

The influencer expressed this sentiment in a recent tweet. He elaborated on how the utility of oil helped build the US dollar’s dominance. He believes XRP would have similar implications, given its place in SMEs and financial institutions.

He declared: “I look at XRP as the new oil […] for the fourth industrial revolution.”

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XRP Similar to Oil

Furthermore, he stressed XRP’s potential as a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and top banking institutions. In his view, XRP will be what oil represented for combustion engines in the Industrial Revolution for all business houses.

Notably, oil was a new and efficient energy source that helped power factories and transportation. It led to a period of rapid economic growth. Similarly, XRP is a new and efficient way to send money internationally.

As a result, the influencer believes XRP’s utility could revolutionize the global financial system. This view is based on the fact that XRP makes cross-border payments more efficient and cost-effective.

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He remarked:

“XRP has utility and all the SMEs, all the financial institutions, all the banks and Central banks, all the clearing houses can become what the combustion engine/Industrial revolution was for oil.”

Meanwhile, the influencer acknowledged that the price of XRP is currently low. However, he argued that low price is not a major obstacle to XRP’s long-term success. He sees XRP’s value appreciating significantly as businesses use the digital asset at scale.

Moreover, he highlighted the US Federal Reserve’s continuous cash printing decision. According to him, that situation could make other valuable assets like gold and XRP more attractive stores of value.

Ultimately, he concluded that the world is moving into the fourth industrial revolution, which digital assets will lead.

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