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Node Provider Says Shibarium RPC Node Delayed Due to Unavailable Docs


Renowned node provider NOWNodes awaits the Shibarium team to externalize nodes to set up remote procedure call.

Following the launch of Shibarium, the developer community around Shiba Inu has been longing for the release of the Shibarium remote procedure call (RPC) node from NOWNodes, a prominent node provider. 

In a recent tweet, NOWNodes responded to an inquiry about the availability of the Shibarium RPC node. The firm provided some technical insights into the factor causing the delay in the tweet.

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Recall that NOWNodes announced in February that it would support Shibarium as a node provider when the network finally launches on the mainnet.

The Reason for the Delay

Recently, the platform noted that they are awaiting the Shiba Inu team to externalize Shibarium nodes before they can take further steps. According to the firm, the process involves enabling Web3 tools, like NOWNodes, to establish nodes independently.

Moreover, NOWNodes mentioned that there are requirements before proceeding with setting up the RPC node. It includes acquiring resources such as genesis, snaps, and sentry files. 

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For context, RPC nodes are component within a blockchain that allows external services to interact with the network. They serve as a bridge for developers to send and receive requests to the blockchain network.

The firm clarified that while its infrastructure for the Shibarium Network is primed for use, the absence of the crucial documents poses a significant bottleneck. The statement from NOWNodes read:

“Our infrastructure for Shibarium Network is ready to be used, but there’s still no information from Shibarium Dev team on the availability of these docs.”

Also, the firm pointed out that it is easily observable from Shibarium’s GitHub repository that some files are yet to be updated for the mainnet. Notably, the ‘Sentry and rpc’ folder on the GitHub repository was last updated four months ago.

The NOWNodes team acknowledged the efforts of the Shibarium development team in handling the situation. It pledged to keep the community informed about further developments.

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