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RippleX Announces Latest Version of XRP Ledger (XRPL), rippled 1.12.0


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The RippleX developer community has announced the latest XRPL update, dubbed rippled 1.12.0, with the new AMM and Clawback features up for voting.

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RippleX, the XRPL developer community platform, has officially unveiled the latest version of the XRP Ledger, rippled 1.12.0.

This update introduces two noteworthy features, XLS-30 and XLS-39, merged into the XRPL’s core protocol. RippleX has initiated a voting process to usher in these changes.

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The AMM and Clawback Features

The first feature, XLS-30, brings a native Automated Market Maker (AMM) to the XRPL. This innovation integrates with the existing XRPL DEX, allowing users to trade assets in automated pools.

The upcoming AMM is one of the most anticipated additions to the XRPL. Notably, Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz noted that he is most excited about the feature. Key figures have unveiled how proponents could earn side incomes from the AMM.

Furthermore, the second feature, XLS-39, ushers in the Clawback amendment. This amendment will allow issuers to opt in for asset retrieval. Notably, issuers can only claw back assets created by their accounts, with XRP being an exception.

This feature is designed primarily for regulatory purposes, allowing issuers to recover tokens if they find that these assets have ended up in the wrong hands, like accounts involved in illegal activities.

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The Clawback feature is off by default and requires the lsfAllowTrustLineClawback flag to function. Once enabled, this flag cannot revert, granting the account a permanent ability to claw back issued assets.

Validator Voting Essential 

With the introduction of rippled v1.12.0, the XRPL opens the doors to a new era of functionality. This crucial update is a call to action for all XRPL server operators, urged to upgrade their systems to version 1.12.0 by Sept. 30. 

However, these groundbreaking features must undergo a rigorous amendment process for them to become part of the XRPL Mainnet. 

This process necessitates broad consensus within the validator community. Each server within the network autonomously calculates the votes from the validators it engages with.

For an amendment to gain approval, it must meet two critical conditions:

  • The amendment must receive a Yes vote from at least 80% of validators.
  • This minimal threshold must be upheld for a duration of at least two weeks.

Only when the amendments satisfy these criteria can the proposals pass, and the AMM and Clawback specs become live features of the XRPL Mainnet.

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