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Expert Highlights Emergence of “Deceptive XRP False Price Hype,” Debunks XRP Price Set Theories


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Expert Debunks “XRP Price Set” Theories Amid Insightful Community Debate

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XRP community influencer Eri aimed to dispel claims that a central authority could fix a higher price for XRP, triggering a spirited debate in the community.

Eri recently called attention to these claims on X, firmly refuting that XRP’s price can be artificially set. She stressed that prices of assets, like XRP, are inherently driven by supply and demand in the open market.

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Eri further highlighted the additional influence of factors such as liquidity, trading, adoption, sentiment, and news in price movements. Still, she debunked the idea of a centralized price-fixing possibility.

She warned against deceptive, false price hype and lamented its unprecedented proliferation. The community has witnessed the emergence of these theories wherein some influencers believe XRP is undervalued and its price could be fixed to a higher rate.

A Growing Debate

Eri’s recent statements received mixed reactions from several enthusiasts. Notably, one community member explored the possibility of a price-setting scenario, contrasting Eri’s viewpoint.

They called attention to a proposed hypothetical scenario where a powerful entity, such as OPEC, could decide to trade a barrel of oil for a specific amount of XRP, effectively “setting the price.” 

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In response, Eri noted how this could affect equilibrium, leading to excess supply. She highlighted the concept of arbitrage, emphasizing that price disparities would be quickly exploited. This exploitation would remove the difference, resetting the market.

Khaled, another XRP enthusiast, presented an alternative viewpoint, suggesting that XRP’s price could be set in various ways, including a direct sales price from Ripple or a face value determined by multiple parties.

Eri countered with a trio of facts, clarifying the nature of XRP as the native digital asset of the XRP Ledger and the lack of control Ripple has over it.

XRP Proponents Cite the Gold Example

Adding weight to the discussion, Vandell Aljarrah, founder of Black Swan Capitalist, offered a different perspective, envisioning a future where XRP achieves a robust and steady value akin to gold.

He aligned with Eri’s assessment of supply and demand. However, the Black Swan Capitalist host predicted a surge in demand as the market matured, thanks to XRP’s capped supply of 100 billion tokens.

In addition, another community member firmly countered Eri’s stance, arguing that a decentralized asset can indeed be fixed or pegged to a specific price or asset.

They believe this could materialize if a centralized authority oversees the process, similar to the former “gold window” of the Federal Reserve. This individual suggests that entities like the IMF or Ripple could serve as such authorities.

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