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Shiba Inu Team Says SHIB Is Positioning Itself for Next Bull Run


Lucie, Shiba Inu’s content marketer, has taken to X to address concerns within the SHIB community and provided insights into the project’s strategy.

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In the tweet, Lucie noted to have received multiple direct messages from concerned community members regarding statements of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) circulating about Shiba Inu. Given the situation, Lucie reassured the SHIB Amry and urged them to stay focused amid the FUD.

“Relax, folks. There’s no need to worry. The market is the market,” the Shiba Inu representative remarked. 

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Moreover, Lucie highlighted that the fearmongers peddling mischief about Shiba Inu are merely desperate ‘losers’ trying hard to promote their projects. Therefore, she emphasized the need for the community to remain focused and ignore the fearmongers.

Shiba Inu Is Getting Set for Bull Run

Meanwhile, Lucie disclosed to the eager SHIB Army that the Shiba Inu token is getting set for the coming bull season. She added that the Shibarium gas token, BONE, is also positioning for a significant recovery. 

According to the Shiba Inu team member, BONE will recover following Shibarium’s established presence in the crypto development industry. Lucie also noted that the SHIB development crew will support the ecosystem with worthwhile projects. She stated they are particularly eschewing ‘quick pumps and dumps’ schemes.

As The Crypto Basic reported, the Shiba Inu crew has recently updated the community concerning five projects underworks. The team stressed that they promise no sudden price pumps following their unveilings.

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The upcoming Shiba Inu-theme endeavors include the TREAT token, Shibaswap 2.0, Bone contract renouncing, the SHIB Metaverse, and Shibahub.

Furthermore, Lucie encouraged the smart investing SHIB Army to hold or consider buying more SHIB. She cautioned against selling low and succumbing to the allure of hyped-up coins that often result in losses.

In her words:

“Smart money holds or buys – don’t let inexperience lead you to sell low and jump into new hype coins, only to keep losing.”

Ultimately, Lucie disclaimed that her messages do not constitute a piece of financial advice. Yet, she expressed conviction that Shiba Inu would outperform many other prominent crypto projects in the bull season.

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