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Terra Classic Submits Proposal for “Six Samurai” Team to Help Rebuild Struggling Chain


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A new proposal in the Terra Classic governance forum seeks to enlist the help of an anonymous group of developers to fix current technical issues facing the chain.

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The Terra Classic community is currently weighing a proposal to onboard the Six Samurai team to actively help rebuild the LUNC chain and especially fix Astroport Classic, a decentralized exchange on the network. 

Community members in favor of the proposal believe it is the best step for LUNC. They argue that the current developer team, elected as the L1 Task Force, cannot revive the chain without support from other experienced developers.

The proposal points to the non-functional Astroport Classic DEX as evidence that the L1 Team needs additional support. A recent network upgrade by the L1 team impacted Astroport, effectively locking $700,000 worth of liquidity and making it difficult for Terra Classic users to trade.

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The current proposal called Astroport “the biggest source of on-chain liquidity” on Terra Classic. It also mentions that the L1 Team’s inability to fix it in the past 90 days confirms that their workload has been “simply too large and expansive.”

Notably, the proposal only seeks to provide the Samurai team with a signal that the community needs their services. The work by the Samurai team “would be done for free” and does not seek to relieve the current L1 team of their duties, the proposal further notes.

Is the Samurai Team the Answer to LUNC Woes?

The Samurai Team, a group of six senior full-stack developers led by Bilbo Baggins & Solid Snake, is popular within the Terra Classic community for a failed bid to be selected as the official L1/L2 Task Force.

The team submitted a Q3 spending proposal of $116,000, which would enable it to work part-time on fixing technical issues facing the LUNC chain. 

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The proposal failed to garner community support as it was considered expensive and outside the Terra Classic community budget for development services. Others argued that the team was largely anonymous and not transparent enough to be trusted with the future of the chain.

However, the latest signal could see the Samurai Team make a comeback and at least fix some of the pressing issues facing LUNC users. It could also pave the way for the team to be elected as the leading Task Force group for the final quarter, or collaborate with the current L1 team to rebuild the network.

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