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XRP Ledger Foundation Joins Prestigious Organization of Southern Cooperation (OSC)


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The XRPL Foundation is now an associate member of the Organization of Southern Cooperation (OSC), joining a lineup of prestigious institutions and thought leaders.

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The XRP Ledger (XRPL) Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation driving the development and adoption of XRPL, a public blockchain that uses XRP as its native currency. The Foundation recently confirmed that it has joined the Organization of Southern Cooperation (OSC).

Dr. J. Scott Branson, an advisor to the XRPL Foundation, and Thomas Silkjaer, Head of Analytics and Compliance, first revealed the latest update during the Apex Developer conference held in Amsterdam last week. Scott Branson told an elated audience at the conference:

“One of the major milestones that we have accomplished over the last year is gaining status as an associate member in the Organization of Southern Cooperation (OSC).”

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Founded in 2020, the OSC is an interdisciplinary organization that seeks societal transformation through inclusive, balanced education.

Branson clarified that the membership status of the XRPL Foundation aligns it with prestigious institutions and influential figures, including the heads of state from various African, Latin American, and global regions.

Among other things, the XRP Ledger Foundation is also expected to collaborate with the OSC in “developing systems for tracking and monetizing intellectual property.”

The XRPL Foundation advisor further noted the organization’s optimism that blockchain could play a significant role in global IP tracking. 

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He added, “We feel there is tremendous potential for blockchain to provide a mechanism for tracking intellectual ownership while simultaneously enabling content creators, be it individuals or entire communities, to receive royalties or other payments, depending on how they choose to license their content.”

XRPL sees further adoption

The XRPL Foundation’s move is one of the latest initiatives to promote the mainstream use of the blockchain. Other core developers building within the XRPL ecosystem have also made several efforts in recent times to onboard more users to the network.

For instance, The Crypto Basic recently reported on the testnet launch of multiple decentralized exchanges that aim to bring native token swaps to XRPL.

Ripple has also partnered with Catalyze Research to boost XRPL awareness in South Korea. Other initiatives, such as a mortgage-backed stablecoin and a digital collectible, have launched on the XRPL, bringing more applications to users.

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