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Stellar To Recover After Price Drop, Investors Diversify With Chainlink And Everlodge


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The Stellar (XLM) crypto has been on a downward trend since July and has recently broken down from a descending triangle pattern. However, the daily timeframe RSI and price action support the bearish trend. The readings indicate, however, that it could soon recover. Chainlink (LINK), however, outperformed most altcoins in September and showcased a 20.4% rally. In addition, Everlodge (ELDG) is also bullish and can surge in value throughout 2023. 

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  • Stellar to jump as high as $0.17
  • Analysts project that Chainlink can surge as high as $9.12 
  • Everlodge to spike in value by a total of 25x at launch

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Stellar (XLM) to Jump As High As $0.17 by the End of Q4

The Stellar (XLM) price broke down from a long-term descending triangle pattern in early October. Since then, the price has showcased a downward movement, and during this period, the Stellar crypto RSI was bearish. 

Traders typically utilize this indicator to assess if a market is overbought or oversold. The RSI is below 50 and falling, which showcases a bearish Stellar price trend. However, analysts are bullish on its future price outlook, and buying the dip could result in gains.

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During the past week, the Stellar crypto traded between $0.101445 and $0.112152. In addition, it’s still the 25th largest crypto with a market cap of $2,863,867,484. According to the Stellar price prediction, it can rise as high as $0.17 by the end of 2023. 

Chainlink (LINK) Can Surge to $9.12 by the End of 2023

Chainlink (LINK) saw a price upswing and outperformed most of the crypto market. Specifically, it went up in value by 20.5% and has rallied to $7.24. The sharp correction experienced by the Chainlink crypto during October has left many analysts wondering if it can maintain this momentum. 

The largest decentralized blockchain Oracle solution, Chainlink, ranks as the 19th largest crypto with a market cap of $4,031,337,955. During the past week alone, Chainlink traded between $7.13 and $7.81. Based on the current Chainlink price prediction, it can surge as high as $9.12 by the end of 2023. 

Everlodge (ELDG) Will Introduce a Revolutionary Web3 Platform for Real Estate Investments

Everlodge will enable anyone access to the real estate market. It will introduce a revolutionary Web3 platform that is designed to provide opportunities. 

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Users can fractionally own vacation homes, hotels, and luxury villas. This is made possible through NFTs. The platform will create NFTs for vacation properties. Small investors will get the chance to become co-owners, starting at just $100. 

The platform will enable anyone to affordably build a diversified portfolio. As the property increases in value, so will the NFTs in question. There is also a Launchpad and a Rewards Club that are a part of the ecosystem.

ELDG is the native token that holders can stake for passive income. Now, it’s trading at just $0.20 during Stage 5 of its presale. At launch, it can grow by 25x in value, especially following its listing on major exchanges. 

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