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Cardano Founder Swiftly Rebuffs Claims of “Incriminating Dossier”


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Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has hit back at claims that the Ethereum team has “damning information” about him.

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An ongoing feud between Cardano’s founder and the XRP community reached a critical point of interest over the weekend.

Precisely, the Cardano founder was called out by a prominent voice in the XRP community who claimed that Hoskinson’s former colleagues at Ethereum had “damning information” that could bring about the downfall of the Cardano founder.

To back up his claim, Mr Huber, an X user, shared a snippet from the 2022 panel that featured prominent crypto author Laura Shin. In the panel, Laura Shin subtly criticized Cardano’s founder, claiming that Charles Hoskinson had once claimed to be Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Even more eye-catching was Laura Shin’s claim that Charles Hoskinson’s known fallout with the Ethereum team was because the team distrusted him.

According to Shin, the Ethereum team had “gone on the internet and collected a bunch of information about him that they considered damning, and so there was a dossier on Charles [Hoskinson]” before the big meeting where they ended their association with him.

Notably, Charles Hoskinson left the Ethereum Foundation to create Cardano after a fallout with the team. However, claims that the Ethereum team has potentially incriminating information caught the eye of the XRP community, who have been involved in a long-standing feud with Charles Hoskinson.

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It bears mentioning that the Cardano founder recently dubbed the XRP community conspiracy theorists after key thought leaders claimed that the Ethereum Foundation had influenced the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give ETH a favorable status.

Cardano Founder Rebuffs Dossier Rumors

Within four minutes after the initial post by Mr Huber, Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson moved to swiftly debunk the allegation. Suggesting that such a dossier did not exist, the Cardano founder noted that Laura Shin would have “published it [the dossier] verbatim” if there was one.

Laura Shin’s book “The Cryptopians” exposed a lot of secrets about the cryptocurrency industry, including Charles Hoskinson’s relationship with the Ethereum Foundation. The book claimed that the Cardano founder had falsified his educational qualifications but did not reveal any information about the said “dossier.”

Meanwhile, the Cardano founder has found himself on the defensive side of other issues in recent times. Earlier this month, Charles Hoskinson distanced himself from an ongoing saga involving the Cardano Foundation. Hoskinson has also defended a separate feud with the Algorand community, praising Cardano as a superior alternative.

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