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Samsung Resolves Issue Affecting XRP Users on Xumm


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Samsung has pushed a software update that effectively resolves an earlier issue affecting users’ secure data on the XRP Ledger-based self-custodial wallet Xumm.

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Samsung has swiftly addressed an issue that plagued XRP users on the popular Xumm wallet due to a previous faulty software update. The faulty update had caused disruptions in the Xumm app and other applications on Galaxy S21 devices, leading to crashes.

Xumm support took to X, where they announced the positive development. They reported that Samsung had released an update that provided a solution to the issue. In cases where users still face this problem, Xumm support advised either updating their devices or reaching out to the support team for assistance.

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Wietse Wind, the founder of XRPL Labs, the development team behind Xumm, further confirmed the much-anticipated resolution in a post. According to Wind, everything is working as intended for Xumm and Samsung users. 

The Earlier Issue

As disclosed by The Crypto Basic, the issue initially surfaced for Xumm users, especially those with Samsung Galaxy S21 devices, when a Samsung operating system update, released two weeks back, disrupted the secure data store used by the Xumm wallet. 

This resulted in Xumm failing to open properly. The support team advised users to check if they had their secret keys before installing the problematic update, as they might have to remove and then reinstall Xumm, subsequently importing their account with the secret key again.

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For users with Xumm Tangem cards or those who had previously recorded their secret keys, the recovery process was relatively straightforward. They could easily import their card or keys again. However, the support team cautioned users to rekey their accounts before installing the Samsung update if they were unsure.

The Xumm community quickly responded to the earlier disclosure of the issue, with some users sharing their experiences and potential solutions. One Xumm user, who owned an S21 Ultra, reported no issues, suggesting that the problem might be more specific than just the phone model.

Another user recounted their experience, noting that they knew to delete and reinstall the app as soon as the issue occurred, thanks to having their keys safely stored. This proactive approach eased the recovery process for them.

The active support from Xumm have resonated well with the community. These active measures to ensure user protection are some of the reasons behind its growth. The wallet recently recorded over 602K active users across several countries.

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