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Top Trader Says His Shiba Inu 90,000% Gain Was “Best Play of His Life”


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A prominent trader in the crypto community has recently beamed the spotlights on his early Shiba Inu involvement that saw him gain 90,000%.

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In a tweet on Thursday, Blackbeard resurfaced a 2021 post concerning a Shiba Inu trade he had executed earlier on. In the tweet, he disclosed that while he merely played a risk game by investing in Shiba Inu, his investment saw a staggering 64,000% gain from his entry point.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard noted in the Thursday tweet that his Shiba Inu portfolio even grew more significantly at some point, reaching 90,000%. As a result, he proclaimed that his early Shiba Inu involvement represents his most worthwhile endeavor in the realm of sensational cryptocurrencies.

In his words: “I don’t care if you hate memes, but this was the best play of my life. SHIB.”

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Notably, Blackbeard did not disclose whether he currently holds Shiba Inu or his percentage gains to date. In the initial post, Shiba Inu had just four leading zeros, marking one of its peak moments. However, since then, Shiba Inu has shed two more leading zeros, with its price now at $0.000007729.

Regardless, his post garnered the interest of Shiba Inu enthusiasts, leaving them intrigued about his early discovery and investment in the digital asset. Some expressed curiosity about how he discovered Shiba Inu around its early days of launch.

In response to the incessant inquiries, Blackbeard has authored an extensive thread elaborating on the methods to identify crypto narratives and trends in their early stages.

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Meanwhile, some other crypto enthusiasts expressed regret for not joining the Shiba Inu market despite becoming aware of it earlier. 

Other Lucky Shiba Inu Investors

Notably,  Blackbeard stands among the select group of esteemed investors whom Shiba Inu has rewarded for their loyalty. The Crypto Basic recently disclosed the case of an investor who made an unprecedented $5.7 billion from Shiba Inu. 

In parallel, the unfortunate case of an individual who forfeited a potential multi-million dollar fortune by divesting their Shiba Inu holdings much earlier is also documented.

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