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How Much XRP You Need to Make $1 Million if XRP Hits $2, $3, $4 or $5


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This article highlights the amount of XRP tokens an investor needs to hold to rake in $1 million if XRP clinches certain price targets, such as $2, $3, $4 and $5.

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Amid the ongoing rally, market watchers have displayed renewed optimism in XRP. This resurgence in confidence has triggered speculation on XRP’s next price targets, leaving investors to ponder on the required amount to sit on $1 million if XRP hits these targets.

Amount Required to Make $1M if XRP Hits $2

Earlier this month, amid circulating concerns, prominent lawyer John Deaton emphasized that it is in Ripple’s best interest to not abandon XRP. Deaton noted that if XRP hits $2, Ripple’s holdings would skyrocket to nearly $100 billion.

Notably, should XRP clinch $2, an investor holding 500,000 XRP tokens would find themselves with a substantial $1 million investment. At XRP’s current price of $0.6750, these 500,000 tokens are worth $337,500 at the reporting time.

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Amount Required to Make $1M if XRP Hits $3

Last month, market analyst EGRAG pointed out that XRP had retested a multi-month downward trendline after breaking above it. According to him, depending on XRP’s next direction from here, the asset could hit $3 or $4.5.

XRP hit $3.31 in January 2018 as its all-time high. Since then, it has not reclaimed the price point. If XRP revisits the $3 level, an investor would need 333,333 tokens to hold $1 million. At the current price of $0.6750, these tokens are worth $225,000 right now.

Amount Required to Make $1M if XRP Hits $4

Early in October, EGRAG, in one of his market analyses, highlighted that XRP had completed a mini ascending triangle on the daily chart. He forecasted a looming rally which could take XRP to the $4 level, eventually reaching $4.5.

In a scenario where XRP clinches $4, investors must hold 250,000 XRP tokens to realize a $1 million return. At the current price, these 250,000 tokens amount to $168,750. A leap to $4 would yield a profit of $831,250 on this investment.

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Amount Required to Make $1M if XRP Hits $5

In May, Mason Versluis, an XRP community figure, noted that certain individuals could easily face mockery for projecting an XRP rally to $5. Amid this reality, Versluis charged the community to not underestimate XRP, the only altcoin to have surpassed Ethereum in market cap.

This figure represents one of the most ambitious targets for XRP. If the asset claims a $5 price, an investor with 200,000 tokens would see their holding appreciate to $1 million. These tokens are currently worth $135,000 at the prevailing price.

It’s crucial to recognize that predicting asset prices involves inherent uncertainties. These calculations are rooted in hypothetical scenarios, and investors should approach them with caution, as it remains uncertain if XRP can hit any of these targets.

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