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Terra Classic (LUNC) Multi-Year Algorithmic Price Prediction


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Machine learning algorithms from CoinCodex, a crypto analytics platform, have predicted a slower-than-expected price surge for Terra Classic (LUNC) in the coming years.

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Terra Classic, once a star of the crypto world with its historical highs pegged at $119.8, fell from grace when its associated algorithmic stablecoin TerraClassicUSD (USTC) depegged last year.

With proactive restorative efforts ongoing in the community, the question remains whether or not LUNC can rebound from its current lows. 

The Machine Learning LUNC Predictions

Human predictions sometimes hinge on sentiments and a somewhat flawed analysis of fundamental events, however, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the story changes. The prediction from CoinCodex utilizes the historic trends of LUNC to predict what the future holds.

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According to the platform, LUNC will trade at a low price of $0.00007736 in 2024 with the maximum price projected at the same amount. This is particularly troubling as the algorithm is suggesting LUNC will see no significant upshoot in the coming year.

LUNC currently has a market valuation of $0.00007652, up by 0.24% overnight. Per CoinCodex’s projection for 2024, it implies the token will grow by a mere 1.09% from the current level. 

The predictions get more interesting as the algorithm believes LUNC will have low and high prices of $0.00007736 and $0.00007737 in 2025, $0.00007736 and $0.00007736 in 2026, and $0.00007736 and $0.00008757 in 2027. As presented, the first major significant gain LUNC will record will come in 2027. 

LUNC, per the CoinCodex algorithm, might not erase one zero from its price until 2028 when its price may soar to a high of $0.000326. 

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In 2029, the market might see LUNC price trade at $0.000726 but things may get worse from this point onward going by the AI prediction. As such, the hopes of returning LUNC to its ATH remain impossible in the near future, according to CoinCodex.

LUNC Community Begs to Differ

Despite the bearish outlook presented for LUNC by the CoinCodex data, the Terra Classic community continues to demonstrate bullish sentiments.

The community believes that with consistency in burning as many LUNC as possible and the introduction of upgrades that can enhance the usability and demand for the token, restoration may come to the project. Some even postulate LUNC might return to $1 price tag. Some of these upgrades are already underway.

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