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Over 1,900 XRPL Wallets Now Hold 1M+ XRP While 28 Wallets Hold At Least 500M XRP


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Recent data from the XRP rich list resource confirms that, despite an observable decline, over 1,900 wallets on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) still hold 1M+ XRP while 28 wallets hold more than 500M XRP tokens.

Amid the sustained bearishness, XRP has witnessed a noticeable drop in millionaire addresses, as selling pressure builds. However, data confirms that some investor categories have taken to accumulation when others are reducing their holdings.

Rich-list.info, a community-driven XRPL-based resource, confirms this trend. The Crypto Basic called attention to similar data in a report from Sept. 20. Notably, at the time of the report, the number of XRPL wallets holding at least 1 million XRP stood at 1,994.

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1,961 Accounts Hold 1M+ XRP

However, per the recent data, these accounts have dropped to 1,961, indicating that the network saw up to 33 addresses lose their millionaire status as a result of a reduction in their balances. This drop majorly came from addresses holding between 1 million and 5 million XRP.

This tier of addresses boasted 1,460 wallets as of Sept. 20. The figure has dropped by 28 to 1,432 as of press time. Wallets holding between 5 million and 10 million XRP also declined, dropping from 157 on Sept. 20 to 150 today. In addition, their cumulative balance has slumped from 1.058 billion XRP to 1.013 billion XRP.

XRPL Addresses Holding 1M+ XRP Rich list
XRPL Addresses Holding 1M+ XRP | Rich list


However, in an interesting twist, addresses holding from 10 million to 20 million XRP tokens have seen an increase. These addresses grew from 154 to 159 in number between Sept. 20 and today. In addition, these wallets added 134,337,485 to their total balance, which surged from 2.147 billion XRP to 2.281 billion XRP.

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28 Wallets Hold At Least 500M XRP

Interestingly, the biggest tiers of XRP holders have remained constant over the past two months. These XRPL addresses hold at least 500 million tokens and most of them belong to institutions such as Ripple, and exchanges like Binance.

There are five wallets with balances between 500 million XRP and 1 billion XRP. These addresses cumulatively hold a whopping 14,052,484,069 (14.052 billion) XRP, representing 26% of XRP’s current circulating supply. Meanwhile, billionaire addresses remain constant, currently standing at 4 in number.

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