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Post-Gains Strategy: From BNB And ORDI To Riding The VC Spectra Wave For Bigger Returns


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The crypto market has been rallying hard for the past few weeks. Most top altcoins, such as BNB, have recorded respectable gains. While others, such as ORDI, have exploded in value, leading the bull’s onslaught. If you were not lucky enough to catch the gains from the likes of BNB and ORDI, you would be happy to know another wave is on the way in the form of VC Spectra (SPCT).

The newly established protocol is taking the crypto market by storm after an impressive presale. Its promising to outdo both BNB and ORDI this bull run. Let’s see why.


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  • BNB has hit a rough patch following the fining of Binance by the SEC.
  • ORDI goes on a crazy rally, but fears of an upcoming update promise to halt the growth.
  • VC Spectra is tipped to outperform other top altcoins in this bull market.

BNB Price Prediction: Can the Altcoin Price Rally Again?

Compared to other leading altcoins, the BNB coin price appears to be struggling. Everything isn’t so rosy for the native token of the leading crypto exchange in the world. The BNB coin price began its rally on October 10. At the time, the price had hit a crucial support level of $201. The altcoin would bounce off the level and rally, with the rest of the market managing to cross the $260 level by November 20.

Then trouble struck. The SEC would fine Binance $4 billion for failing to mitigate money laundering on its platform and force Changpeng Zhao to step down as CEO. The news would cause panic within the market, with the BNB coin price losing 18% of its value in a day.

Since then, BNB has struggled as investor interest in the altcoin has slowed down. The price has struggled to kick-start its uptrend, leading many to wonder if BNB can rediscover its touch this December. A sustained uptrend can help BNB break the $260 resistance, leaving the altcoin staring at the $352 level. However, investor interest has to return before this becomes a reality.

An Upcoming Bitcoin Update Panics ORDI Investors After a Spectacular Rally

The token that represents Ordinal inscriptions on Bitcoin, ORDI, is riding high after a spectacular six weeks. The BRC-20 standard token has rallied over 1650% over the period, growing the fortunes of its investors immensely.

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However, a recent announcement by a Bitcoin core developer by the name of Luke Dashjr promises to spoil the party. In a recent tweet, the developer said that inscriptions have been exploiting a vulnerability in Bitcoin Core to spam its blockchain.

Therefore, an upcoming update will address these issues, thus limiting the amount of data that can be inscribed on satoshis. Following the announcement, ORDI whales would dump tokens worth over $3.5 million.

There is really worry that more holders of ORDI might choose this route to secure their profits, which could sink the altcoin price. This would mean an abrupt end to ORDI’s incredible run. What the future holds for ORDI remains to be seen amid growing concerns over the upcoming update.

VC Spectra (SPCT) Can Outshine ORDI Over the Next Few Months

Many experts are tipping VC Spectra (SPCT) to outshine ORDI over the next few months. The timeline perfectly coincides with the listing of VC Spectra (SPCT) on major exchanges. As of December 9, VC Spectra is running its presale. It’s in the fifth and final stage, where the price of SPCT has grown from $0.008 to $0.077. That’s over 862% over the presale period.

With the final round set to end soon, many experts see the price of SPCT exceeding $0.08 due to growing demand. And the altcoin price will also be crossing the $1 mark in the first quarter of 2024 once SPCT is offered on top exchanges.

That would mean SPCT would have added an extra 1198% to its value. Enough gains to rival ORDI, its fellow BRC-20 standard token. However, unlike ORDI, SPCT features a deflationary model that sees VC Spectra involved in regular token burns.

This event is aimed at reducing supply and increasing the value of SPCT over time. Add this incentive to the incredible utility of VC Spectra, which simplifies crypto investing and trading for its users, and this is music to investors’ ears. No wonder they can’t get enough of SPCT.

Learn more about VC Spectra (SPCT) and its presale:

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