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Achieving Mogul Status In Crypto: ORDI, Kaspa, And Meme Moguls Sets A Path


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The spark behind memecoins has been reignited in 2023, with projects like ORDI, Kaspa, and Meme Moguls paving the way for new developments. As the recent bull market continues to bring new activity to the crypto market, ORDI, Kaspa, and Meme Moguls are expected to offer significant returns, with analysts predicting 100x returns for Meme Moguls in 2024. Here’s why investors are adding each project to their portfolios. 

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Kaspa Set For Success In 2024

Kaspa shocked the crypto market in 2023 with returns of 1550%. While some analysts have since questioned the project’s potential, YouTuber Zach Humphries highlights several reasons why Kaspa will dominate in 2024.

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Firstly, Kaspa has attracted significant retail interest. Over the last 6 days, the number of new addresses buying Kaspa has risen by over 40,000. This trend is in line with the retail frenzy seen in 2021, suggesting that Kaspa will experience additional rises in 2024. 

Another reason Kaspa is set up for success is its recent partnerships. Though not yet acknowledged by Binance or Coinbase, a recent partnership with Carbon Browser, which has over 7 million users, has helped Kaspa grow its audience. With more partnerships planned for Q1, experts like Zach believe it’s a matter of time until Kaspas value increases again. 

ORDI Pioneers BRC-20 Development

ORDI is pioneering Ordinals development. As the first BRC-20 token built with the Ordinals Protocol, the project quickly gained traction in May after being listed on several major exchanges. Since its launch, ORDI has hit a market cap of $1 billion, and its value has increased by over 88%. 

Over the last month, ORDI’s value increased by 120% after being listed on Binance, and the new project became the 20th most traded cryptocurrency, with a daily trading volume of over half a billion. 

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Meme Moguls Presale Round 1 Sells At Record Rates 

The first round of the Meme Moguls presale is taking the market by storm, over 85% of the rounds supply selling out in less than a week. Meme Moguls combines the hype behind memes with an innovative new game designed to teach players how to invest. According to early predictions, Meme Moguls could offer returns of over 100x in 2024.  

Meme Moguls is created to help investors learn how to make profitable investments and build long term wealth. It aims to create hundreds of new “Moguls” who will pioneer DeFi investing in the future.

Its game is a fun, interactive way to learn about investing, involving unique customizable profiles, meme characters and a myriad of exclusive assets. Meme Moguls also looks to enhance the investment community with lucrative games and ways for players to meet other investors. 

For example, community members will be able to set up tournaments between friends or enter paid tournaments to win rewards such as $MGLS tokens, NFTs and more. Alternatively players can try to beat index funds in games such as “Beat the Market.”

$MLGS tokens are currently selling at $0.0021 during stage one of the Meme Moguls presale. Experts predict that tokens will increase to $0.19 in 2024, making it the perfect time for investors to get involved in one of DeFi’s most exciting new memecoins. 

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