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Cardano to $8, Veteran Analyst Says ADA Breakout May Occur Earlier than Expected


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Market analyst Ali Martinez expects Cardano (ADA) to clinch an ambitious $8 price target in the future, noting that a breakout for the token could come earlier than market participants expect.


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Martinez’s lofty price target hinges on historical context as the analyst explores the prospect of a repeat of history. Notably, Cardano has leveraged the market-wide rally to clinch the $0.60 threshold, but it remains in a range-bound movement when zoomed out.

ADA’s Historical Movements

Amid these price movements, Martinez identified observable similarities between ADA’s current price actions and the ones it recorded from late 2018 to November 2020. Notably, ADA traded within a three-trendline channel from September 2018 to June 2020.

Cardano to $8
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During this time, the crypto asset was stuck between the $0.0177 low and a high of $0.1069. While the top trendline presented fierce resistance to a breach above $0.10, ADA leveraged the bottom trendline to defend against any drops below $0.017. 

This resulted in Cardano trading within this range for 21 months. ADA eventually broke above the top trendline following weeks of consistent gains in July 2020. The breakout resulted in a surge to a high of $0.1546, but ADA recorded another roadblock at this price.

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The resistance at this point led to a price drop, leading to a retest of the top trendline, which Cardano had flipped to support.

ADA continued to retest the support at the top trendline until it skyrocketed in November 2020, with the ensuing rally leading to the $3.1 ATH in August 2021.

Cardano Eyes $8 in Repeat of History

Martinez believes Cardano is following this exact pattern in the current cycle. From September to December 2023, ADA traded within a similar three-trendline channel, with the bottom trendline hedging against a drop below $0.2394 and the top trendline serving as resistance at $0.4617.

Cardano broke out of the channel last December amid the market-wide rally of Q4 2023. However, as January brought a persistent price collapse, ADA dropped to retest the top trendline, a pattern that was observed in the 2020 market cycle.

ADA is currently trading within the range-bound phase characterized by persistent retests of the top channel. Martinez believes that the crypto asset could again register another price rally similar to the one witnessed from November 2020 to August 2021.

Drawing from historical context, he expects the rally to begin in April 2024 and end in January 2025, culminating in a 1,767% upsurge from the recent low of $0.447. This rally would eventually lead to an ADA price of $8. Investors remain hopeful, having persistently held onto their tokens.

ADA currently trades for $0.6017, up 4.55% over the last 24 hours and 14.39% in the past week. Despite Cardano being one of the beneficiaries of the latest market rally, some proponents have lamented its current price position.

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Sam Wisdom Raphael
Sam Wisdom Raphael
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