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Cardano Founder Says XRP Community Has Zero Evidence That Someone Bribed SEC, and They Don’t Want Peace


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Following recent statements from Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, the hostility between him and XRP community members will not end anytime soon.

In yesterday’s surprise Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Hoskinson commented on the conspiracy theory suggesting that Ethereum officials bribed the SEC to sue Ripple over its past XRP sales.

During the AMA session, he slammed XRP community members for fostering a “relentless, overwhelming campaign based on lies.”

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Hoskinson Calls Out Ripple Execs for Not Refuting The Allegations

The Cardano boss also called out Ripple’s execs, especially Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz, for refusing to acknowledge that the allegation against Ethereum was based on falsehood.

“[…] Even the founders of XRP refused to acknowledge [that] it was a lie. I would love to see Brad, David Schwartz, and others physically say that all of this attack on our side is a lie,” Hoskinson remarked.

Cardano Founder’s Take on ETHGate and Grand Conspiracy Theories

The Cardano boss clarified that he never denied the occurrence of ETHGate. However, he asserts that the ETHGate theory is immaterial to the ongoing SEC v. Ripple litigation.

For context, ETHGate is a theory alleging that the Ethereum team established vital relationships with top SEC officials to ensure ETH is deemed as a non-security.

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Furthermore, Hoskinson also shed light on his “grand conspiracy” statement in 2022.

“The grand conspiracy statement was strictly about somebody bribing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go after XRP and give ETH a free pass,” Hoskinson said.

While Hoskinson thinks someone from Ethereum could have bribed the SEC to give ETH a free pass, he stated that it is absurd to claim that the commission was also bribed to attack Ripple.

The Cardano founder mentioned that there is no evidence supporting the claims that the SEC was bribed to attack Ripple and XRP.

“You have zero evidence to support the conspiracy theory that someone bribed the US government to go after the XRP community. If you have evidence, please present it,” he said.

XRP Community Doesn’t Desire Peace

Meanwhile, Hoskinson stated that he has been at loggerheads with XRP community members over the issue for several years.

According to him, all attempts to resolve the hostilities have ended in futility, emphasizing the community’s refusal to desire peace.

“They [XRP holders] don’t want peace because they don’t want to acknowledge for a moment that we’re talking past each other,” he stated.

SEC Calls ADA an Unregistered Security

As the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit approaches its end, the regulator has labeled ADA as an unregistered security on three occasions. This was seen in the commission’s legal tussles against Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

Consequently, crypto enthusiasts speculate that the SEC could be building a lawsuit against the Cardano team for allegedly offering ADA as an unregistered security.

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