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Here are Projected Timelines for Cardano to Rise 649% to $3.25


Multiple prediction platforms propose how long Cardano (ADA) may take to soar by 650% above the $3 price.

Cardano languishes around the $0.4 price level, witnessing more bearish days than bullish. With this trajectory, its potential to reclaim the psychological $0.5 threshold continues to dim.

Given ADA touched $0.4293 at the last check, it has almost completely erased all the returns investors saw over the last seven months. Despite this underwhelming outcome, optimism about Cardano’s potential remains on the high side.

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Aside from independent market observers, prominent entities in the crypto sphere have suggested timelines for when ADA must have advanced by more than sixfold to attain lofty highs in the $3 range. These include Telegaon, Coincodex, and Changelly.

Projected Timelines for Cardano to Hit $3.25

According to the prediction platform Telegaon, ADA may have a maximum value of $3.14 by next year. Notably, the platform expects the average price for Cardano to be $2.55 by 2025. Meanwhile, Telegaon believes ADA’s value will stabilize at $3.54 by 2026.

Cardano price prediction Telegaon
Cardano Price Prediction | Telegaon

Notably, Cardano registered a peak of $3.10 in the last cycle and is currently trading 86% below that value. Essentially, Telegaon sees long-term Cardano holders missing out on this emerging bull season.

Other entities projecting Cardano’s outlook have conveyed similar sentiments. Crypto trading platform Changelly suggested that ADA will only reclaim the $3 range by late 2028. 

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Similarly, market tracker Coincodex indicated Cardano may register a yearly high of $3.25 by 2030. Interestingly, Coincodex noted the asset’s yearly low in 2030 would be $0.669950, implying an anticipated 385% surge for ADA that year.

Nonetheless, considering Cardano trades at $0.4338, the asset demands a 649% surge to hit $3.25. 

Views of Independent Analysts

While a six-fold return in six years may be substantial, it significantly dwarfs the widespread anticipations, particularly those of independent market analysts. Typically, analysts predict a bullish future for Cardano, with the potential to reach $7 to $13 between now and 2025. 

For instance, Javon Marks recently updated his initial $2.7 target to propose ADA is on a path to targets at $5.29 and $7.82.

In a separate analysis, Ben Armstrong, referencing Ali Martinez’s forecast of $7 based on historical patterns, suggested an even higher target of $11. Armstrong’s outlook aligns with Dan Gambardello, who argued that $11 is feasible for ADA this season.

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