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A Chinese Hospital Started Issuing Electronic Invoices On Blockchain Technology

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The state hospital of Chengmai County in Hainan Province, which positions itself as the center of technology development in China, has released the first electronic invoice on its blockchain-based system.

According to China News Service, Chengmai County People’s Hospital has become the first hospital in Hainan Province to issue and track invoices on a blockchain. Hainan is one of the few Chinese provinces that have successfully implemented blockchain in the administrative online platforms of government institutions.

The hospital sends bills to patients phones, allowing them to track medical records and check bills for reimbursement without visiting the hospital. The use of the platform will be expanded to the entire province, as the local government focuses on using blockchain to process official documents for other government services.

“Building on the pilot projects, we are optimizing platforms and moving more administrative work to the blockchain so that government agencies can share information through the same system,” said a provincial Finance Ministry official.

In Hainan Province, there is a preferential economic program to attract companies working with blockchain. Some of the leading Chinese companies in the industry, including Huobi China, are based in the provincial capital of Haikou.

Last summer, the Chinese province of Shanxi used blockchain to manage resources during its construction projects, and China’s “Social Credit System ” integrated the Remin Chain blockchain. In addition, in October, the medical data of 17 million Chinese tourists in Macau was transferred to the blockchain.

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