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Top Binance Smart Chain Tokens of 2021

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Binance Smart chain is just like a network Bitcoin that allows the developers to create Decentralised apps that will help the users to maintain their digital assets with low tenancy and high capacity. It is a perfect platform for a user to enjoy Dapps at a very low cost and we have seen the daily active members of 50,000 and the transaction limit is increasing day by day. As there are some tokens on this platform that allow the developers to launch Dapps so that cross-exchange can be done with full trust. So now we are telling you the best Binance Smart chain Tokens. 

Binance Coin (BnB)

Binance Coin is a popular token that helps to do transactions on Binance Crypto exchange to trade and pay any type of fee. The Binance coin was launched in 2014 and it provides discounts to its users as an incentive. There are many uses of Binance Coin, as it can be used for trading on different crypto platforms. Best way to buy Bnb coin is Binance exchange of you didn’t still registered there you can use my binance referral id to get upto 50% discount on fee. In India you can use Wazirx.

It can also be used for completing the transactions on Binance Exchange and users will also get some discount. Binance Coin allows the users to make some payments and it is a very common form of payment that we are seeing used at many places.

Pancakeswap (Cake)

Pancakeswap is a popular decentralized exchange platform on the Binance smart chain where users can come and start trading with full ownership of their funds. It is a perfect alternative to Etherum and Bitcoin because it has lower fees with better access to the platform.

Trading fees are quite lower than many decentralized exchanges. It is a fully safe platform where users have full ownership of their funds, which is not provided by many other platforms. It also launches a lottery for its users, so there is a big chance to win a good amount. 

1inch (1inch)

1inch is a new decentralized exchange platform where users can trade at the best prices. This platform gets popular in 2020 because of its trustworthiness and fair prices. 1inch will help you to find the best swapping routes.

The 1inch token is mainly used to stake and to participate in the protocols of the holders. They have very reasonable swapping charges on their platform and the charges are fixed for every transaction whether it is small or large. So it is completely fair for all the users.

Reef Finance (Reef)

The Reef is a finance platform, which is created for users to get access to all the Defi apps in one place. It will be easier for the users to have access to the Defi ecosystem. Reef allows the users to trade, sell, stake, loan, and can borrow the assets to a single platform. 

It is a non-custodial platform also so it will be convenient for the users to have their private keys with them. There is also an AI-driven system that will help to manage the crypto assets very easily than other platforms.

The Graph (GRT)

 The Graph token is quite different from many networks, it just like a decentralized infrastructure provides to the users in the main market. Many users use The Graph token to ensure its economic security and for the queries of the data being verified. 

The Graph is a secure network so users can trust without any issues. This token is locked by Delegators, Curators, and Indexers to provide the best services and indexing to the network. At this platform, indexers can earn indexing and query fees while curators will get some amount for their solved queries. 


So these are the best Binance Smart chain projects with which users can deal in. All the tokens have different qualities and that’s why it is the user’s choice to choose the best one. Still, if you have any doubts then you can ask us in the comment section.

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