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Zilliqa and Zilliqa Capital Become Members of the US-based Chamber of Digital Commerce

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Zilliqa, a Singapore-based company with high security, high speed and low fees for the Layer 1 blockchain protocol and its subsidiary Zilliqa Capital, a Singapore-based technology company that aims to become the central business and investment hub for Zilliqa, announced that they have both become members of the US-based Chamber of Digital Commerce. The world’s leading trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry.

Amrit Kumar, co-Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Zilliqa, said:

“With a large network of the world’s leading figures in the blockchain industry, it is indeed a privilege to join the Chamber of Digital Commerce alongside our peers in order to further the valuable discussions around digital assets and blockchain. By leveraging the Chamber’s network, we will be able to open as many doors as we can throughout the North American market for broader exposure for our community. ”

Through their membership, Zilliqa and Zilliqa Capital will be able to further expand their presence in the US market and partner with a brilliant list of partners and thought leaders in technology, digital assets, finance and politics, gaining critical access to new market and investment opportunities with some of the leading projects countries.

Michael H. Conn, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Zilliqa Capital, said:

“With the global cryptocurrency market valued at close to $2 trillion and growing, and with real “brick and mortar” companies finally being built that are and will solve for real world challenges, we view this as the key moment to announce this partnership. We are seeking to invest in the best projects globally that can both generate revenues, while also helping to drive financial inclusion. North America and the US continue to be leading markets for innovation and we look forward to leveraging the Digital Chamber’s birds-eye seat to ensure we are abreast of critical regulatory and thought leadership developments happening in the global digital assets and blockchain industry.

Joining the Chamber of Digital Commerce is a key milestone for Zilliqa Capital as we continue to grow the Zilliqa ecosystem across the globe and foster greater conversation and collaboration between the leading US industry players in the blockchain space. This is a strong stepping stone for Zilliqa Capital towards our goal of putting $200 million to $1 billion to work in and around the Zilliqa ecosystem globally over the next two to three years, and ensures that we have a seat at the US-based dealflow table.”

Perianne Boring, Founder and President at Chamber of Digital Commerce said: 

“The Chamber of Digital Commerce is thrilled to welcome both Zilliqa and Zilliqa Capital into our membership, their mission to increase financial inclusion and champion actual use cases on blockchain technology platforms align well with the Chamber’s goal to promote the use and acceptance of blockchain based technology and digital assets.”

Given the preeminent role of the United States in shaping critical events around the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, membership in the Chamber of Digital Commerce will provide access to a large network of members and partners and allow Zilliqa to play a leading role in discussions on major political events such as security tokens, while at the same time providing broader access to the US blockchain industry for the global Zilliqa community.

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I am the editor-in-chief of The Crypto Basic. Love to get involved in cryptocurrencies. I am in crypto since 2014. I like the way blockchain is progression, being adopted by large firms and in most parts of our lives. We are early adopters and followers of blockchain, and time will surely come when our success factor will be blockchain.


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