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In A Recent 5 Hour Interview With Lex Fridman, Charles Hoskinson Said Cardano Is Far Better Than Bitcoin And Ethereum

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In a latest interview with well-known You tuber Lex Fridman (Video Below With Timeline) Charles Hoskinson said that Cardano (ADA) is better than Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

He emphasized that Tesla should consider ADA as a payment method instead of BTC. The reason why Tesla should choose Cardano is because, ADA blockchain is 1.6 million times more More Energy Efficient Than Bitcoin.

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Cardano founder said the project cryptocurrency ADA is one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly digital asset.

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Cardano Better Than Bitcoin

In an interview with Lex Fridman, Charles Hoskinson highlighted the benefits of his proof-of-stake blockchain platform Cardano. He noted that the Cardano PoS system is much better than BTC in terms of power consumption. In addition, he said that Cardano should be Tesla’s first choice:

If they really care about alternative energy, sustainability, carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, you can’t be in a system (BTC) that has no built-in mechanism to limit energy consumption.

Hoskinson thinks Musk should focus on ADA instead of bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the least programmable of all crypto and if you want to do interesting, and unique things, there’s just no real way to do that with BTC.

Hoskinson pointed out that all crypto projects are an experiment and hide their risks. While Cardano has had significant success recently, We as a team are certain that cardano will achieve its goals in the future.

Recently IOHK CTO also gave his remarks about BTC saying:

Look at Bitcoin – it’s centralized around huge mining farms which are all concentrated in some part of the world like China and other countries. In Cardano, we have 2,000 stakepool operators scattered across the world, which are producing blocks – and it keeps growing. This [hashing power] is only going to keep increasing because people are fighting for the next block. They are trying to put in more power to win over other mining pools. So, it’s sort of concerning – not for now, but for the future – imagine if most of the financial system runs on Bitcoin – how much consumption will be in 10 years.?

Cardano Better Than Ethereum

This isn’t the first time Charles Hoskinson has elevated Cardano above his rivals. In late May, he criticized Ethereum network, calling it overrated with a lack of vital properties.

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He shared reasons why Cardano is the better blockchain project than ETH.

Ethereum has never partnered with local governments of developing countries to help their citizens, while Cardano has done so in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Georgia.

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Hoskinson said that Ethereum has a very confusing structure and that the upcoming ETH 2.0 release will lead to the demise of the entire network:

First of all, Ethereum is killing itself. They are replacing Ethereum with Ethereum 2.0. Ultimately, ETH 2.0 will kill ETH 1.0.

Watch Interview: ( Time-lines below video)

2:42:47 – Dogecoin and Elon Musk

1:21:52 – Cardano vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin


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