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ADA Pay Continues to Grow As COTI Powered Wolfram Alpha Adopt ADA Pay For NFT Auction


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COTI announced at Cardano 360 (Video Below With TimeLine) that they were happy to expand their work with Input-Output Global (IOG) and the Cardano Foundation as COTI powered Wolfram Alpha will use ADA pay for NFT auctions.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs provides distributed ledger technology ecosystems with the tools needed to help develop a wide range of smart contract-based applications. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is a DLT subsidiary of Wolfram Research, Inc.

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This partnership is a result of the Cardano Foundation’s efforts to build the Cardano NFT strategy.


Because of ADA Pay innovations like bidding and paying with ADA, it is becoming attainable to induce NFT to the mainstream in NFT marketplaces and auctions. As Cardano’s NFT strategy proceeds to increase, ADA Pay will continue to expand to support growth.

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Director of Connectivity of Wolfram Blockchain Labs, Christian Pasquel said:

“It’s been great to work with COTI and IO Global to bring this project to life. We want to take the NFT experience to another level and reach many communities. We have learned a lot about creating consumer oriented services and, what started just as a simple idea, became a really cool and powerful platform by closely reviewing and working with these two wonderful teams”.,

Product Owner of NFT Innovation Projects, Greta Gawianski said:

“We want to see more people and companies like Wolfram having the opportunity to adopt the benefits of this technology, and joining the Cardano ecosystem. For this scope, we are working on the development of different solutions to support and improve NFTs on Cardano, and this partnership with COTI is crucial to bring this product to life.”

Watch Video: (Jump to 01:08:22  for Wolfram, Cardano, and COTI team up to push NFTs to the next level)


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