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Cardano Foundation Long Term Plans: Onboard Ten Fortune 500 Companies,1 Billion Users, And 50 Banks

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The Cardano Foundation Targets Fortune 500 Companies That Will Own And Use ADA.

In a recent You Tube Video, Frederick Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, shared some of the lofty goals that the Charles organization has set for itself over the next five years.

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According to Cardano foundation strategy, three Fortune 500 companies could own and use ADA, by 2024.

Other goals include increasing the diversity of on-chain activities, publishing three more white papers, and promoting the growth of wallet addresses.

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By 2026, Cardano will become a self-sustaining system that will be completely controlled by its users.

Proof-of-stake blockchain, Cardano plans to develop a suite of services with 1 billion users on board. In addition, Cardano Foundatin expects 10 Fortune 500 companies to hold ADA by 2026.

When it comes to shorter-term goals, the Cardano Foundation plans to increase interoperability and onboard 50 banks by 2022.

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Tesla and Square are currently the only Fortune 500 companies with Bitcoin on their balances. None of them own any altcoins as per their latest regulations.


As far Cardano founder and its team are concerned, there is high chances that Cardano will certainly attract Fortune 500 companies and multiply its users big times once smarts contracts are rolled out.

Watch Video:

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