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Vexchange, The First DEX On Vechain Thor Brings Uniswap V2 Functionality To Vechain


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Vexchange, the first VeChain DEX, has launched Vexchange 2. Vexchange 2 utilizes a new Sync2 technology, which allows users to quickly access DEX, and opens the door for DeFi on VeChain.

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Vexchange brings the highly-acclaimed Uniswap V2 functionality to Vechain through Vexchange V2. Vexchange V2 is an upgrade similar to Uniswap V2 which brings many new features.

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Vexchange has existed for 2.5 years. Vexchange launched in its first year. After successful, Vexchange team launched Vexchange which was a fork of Uniswap v1, and now Vexchange 2.0 which is a fork of Uniswap v2.

Vexchange has been supported by the Vechain Foundation, the Vechain community and others.

Vexchange V1 was a proof-of-concept for a decentralized marketplace. Vexchange is a decentralized exchange that provides integrated automated liquidity provisioning via VeChain. Vexchange operates without storing VIP180 token conversion. Vexchange V1 will continue working along with Vexchange V2. 

Though it is good accomplishment for Vexchange and Vechain but the community insist to to get Vexchange V2 MetaMask compatible as soon as possible.

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Vexchange V2 is packed with many new features and improvements, some of them are:

  • VIP180 / VIP180 Pairs

In Vexchange V2, any VIP180 token can be pooled directly with any other VIP180 token. Wrapped VET (WVET) is used instead of native VET in the core contracts, although end users can still use VET through helper contracts.

  • Variable Swap and Platform Fee

Vexchange V2 has the ability to adjust swap fees up and down through governance. Swap fees can be set from 0.05% to 2%, and platform fee can be up to 50%.

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  • Price Oracles

Vexchange V2 implements Price Oracles that enables highly decentralized and manipulation-resistant on-chain price feeds.

  • Flash Swaps

Vexchange V2 flash swaps allow you to withdraw as much as you want of any VIP180 token on Vexchange at no upfront cost.

For more details visit: Vexchange 2 Introduction

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