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San Marino Approves Vechain Powered National Digital Vaccination Passports And Why It Matters?


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Recently, the Republic of San Marino, partnered with Vechain and DNV Assurance to announced the release of National Digital Vaccine passports, using Vechain technology that guarantee a unique certificate. The certificates will be issued via Vechain Non-Fungible Tokens (eNFTs). The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate covers vaccination against Sars-Cov2.

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This vaccine passport of San Marino adopted Decree No. 109 and is in-line with the European Union (EU) most stringent data privacy protection standards, it will become valid certificate of entry and exit of citizens from the country, this measure is a major move for San Marino as one of the European countries to respond to the epidemic.

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San Marino National Digital Vaccine passport is joint effort by the Innovation Research Institute of the Republic of San Marino, DNV, Vechain, to develop high flexibility, high privacy and high compliance National Digital Vaccine passports.

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The vaccine passport covers medical data such as vaccine type, vaccine measurement and batch number, vaccination time and place, as well as personal information including name, date of birth, ID card, etc. 

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The issued certificate is valid for 1 week, starting 15 days after the first dose of vaccination, or 9 months If a person has received the second dose of the vaccine. All certificates are safely stored on the VeChain blockchain ensuring data records that cannot be tampered with or replaced.


Certificate holders will have two QR codes: the first one meets EU requirements to help the holder freely enter and exit the countries EU member states.

The second QR code is for everyone and anyone can verify by scanning the code with “any device” with access to a web app, to validate the certificate.

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Vechain Foundation Writes:

“Scanning the QR code with any device provides direct access to a web-app where the certificate validity can be checked. This is enabled by linking to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), i.e. a unique and non-repeatable certificate of digital authenticity guaranteeing immutability and accessibility by being registered on VeChainThor public blockchain.”

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Director Global Director and Innovation at DNV, Renato Grottola said:

“The San Marino Digital Covid Certificate is an extremely portable certificate. Anyone can potentially verify a certificate without the need to download a specific app. The use of VeChain’s blockchain technology and, in particular NFTs, makes it possible to increase confidence in the authenticity of the information, reducing the risk of counterfeiting.”

VeChain CEO Lu Yang said :

“Previously , VeChain proposed the concept of eNFT , which is a commercial NFT forged by enterprises, emphasizing the positive correlation between real business scenarios and NFT value. This time VeChain and DNV will cooperate to help San Marino and use blockchain digital vaccine passport technology with best practices. Digital Covid Certificate presents a perfect case in this sector, which is a also new solution to help the government gain ground in the fight against COVID-19. Based on PoA consensus, VeChainThor public blockchain provides a well balanced infrastructure for the government, public and private sectors to work together to create a single, standardized verification system framework”

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Why It Matters?

VeChain was one of the first chains to properly implement NFTs in the form of X-Node tokens. While other chains are used to deploy and trade useless memes and GIFs as “NFTs”, VeChain has taken the concept further with eNFTs; that are relevant in the real world, to real people.

The San Marino green vaccine passport is a perfect example of that. Here you have, a GDPR compliant solution that is not only scalable, but usable by all stakeholders without having to know anything about blockchain; yet enjoying all its benefits.

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Immutable, trustworthy and public. Compared to the hodgepodge of terrible “Vaccine passports” several nations have developed so far that are neither scalable, nor efficient, nor interoperable. This is Blockchain being useful in the real world.

Is San Marino small? Sure. Does that make this development insignificant? Not the very least. What this is, is an agile nation setting an example that much larger nations can learn from. Using Blockchain to solve a real problem, more elegantly than with legacy tech.

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That is why this a big development. Blockchain shouldn’t be a solution looking for a problem. It should be an enabler, helping us create elegant solutions that were previously not possible. VeChain has always put the customer requirements first So if anyone want to see crypto go mainstream, back the one company that’s actually doing something about it.

San Marino National Digital Vaccine passports have seen strong support from San Marino social security institutions and the State Secretariat of Health. Combined with industry experience and compliance advantages of the world’s leading authority DNV, This application has opened up new ideas, and it also marks a major step forward in VeChain’s unique blockchain.


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