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YearnNFT Finance: An Advanced Approach to NFTs with Digital Art and Collectibles

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Since August, the market sales with respect to NFTs have skyrocketed, where a single NFT sales round up to millions worth. There have been lots of conversations about the latest NFT market boom that is now focusing on digital art collections like YearnNFT. Such start-ups are collectively accounting for thousands of millions of transaction volume in this upcoming NFT era.

Looking at the bulk projects, there is another surging start-up emphasizing NFT collection with an exclusive kind of allure: YearnNFT Finance. Despite being a brand new project, we intend to blast an impact in the NFT market with a quick acceleration. We represent ourselves as an undersung champion of the scene.

Our art NFT project will take the world stream by storm. Moreover, the experts and professionals behind the project are creating and introducing this one-of-a-kind universe that is built to shine a light on digital art and collectibles which will just keep expanding.

The YearnNFT Finance is an Art NFT Marketplace with an incredible collection that spans a huge array of diverse drops by assorted artists. We have some flat images/paintings or interactive 3D compositions. They are all consolidated by the same origin story where every final, one-of-a-kind picture will be generated on the Binance Smart Chain.

We believe to integrate traditional art aesthetics with all moving blockchain data to knuckle the crypto-native. We have organized the look and feel of every collection varying widely across different art collections and NFT marketplaces projects alike.

YearnNFT Finance NFT is Unique and Minting Limited

With the dire requisite for NFTs in the current digital trends, YearnNFT is ready to step its foot creating a marketplace to trade its collectibles. Our team is collecting rare art, collection, and entities to showcase our talent and expertise within the domains of music, abstract, art, and archaeological artefacts.

Digital art that we create is a beautiful blend uniting human creativity with the latest technology like artificial intelligence. Collectors can freely enjoy the artist’s vision and earn a piece that will definitely be unique. This amazing facet makes transactions even more thrilled.

Every art piece on YearnNFT Finance has much information available like stock details, bid price estimation, rating, user account activities, etc. You can choose after complete analysis and check out the entire engagement. We offer an exciting opportunity specifically for the digital artists globally to become worthy collector.

YFNFT Token Details

The network at YearnNFT Finance is developing its governance token named YFNT with a total supply of 73339. This project is created on Binance Smart Chain aka BSC blockchain smart contracts. This native asset will be distributed on presale according to the plans mentioned in the roadmap. Our team is then planning to list the tokens over top trending centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Project Name: YearnNFT Finance
  • Token Symbol: YFNFT
  • Total Token Supply: 73339

The user at YearnNFT Finance can send, receive, store, trade, and bid the YFNFT tokens directly with the best-chosen protocol application. We preferred Binance Smart Chain over other blockchains to efficiently develop the NFT marketplace because of its speed and fewer gas fees. This blockchain also offers a sophisticated user interface with a simple mining procedure.

YearnNFT YFNFT Token Distribution

We believe that token economics is an incredibly key concept for investors as well as brands. It is a must to get sufficient knowledge while opting for crypto investment and find a worthy to trust in. YearnNFT is the one-stop shop that offers every basic factor related to the token distribution which is crucial to influence your investment.

Remember to seek the essential answers to your questions while selecting any digital asset. You should always look into details like the project’s team, background and expertise, smart contract use cases, blockchain implementation, core objective and roadmap, token distribution representing the project assets, the asset’s historical performance and defined use cases, and especially information extracted from technical analysis.

We have performed the allocation and distribution of YFNFT tokens very carefully looking into the token supply, market capitalization, along the token model. Here is some key metric of the YFNFT token:

YearnNFT Finance YFNFT Token Distribution

  1. Registration Bounty 4% of the total tokens (per registration 0.01)
  2. Referral Bounty 4% (per reference 0.01)
  3. Influencer Reward 2%
  4. Airdrop 2%
  5. NFT Publishers Reward 3% (after presale)
  6. Team Reward 10%
  7. Presale 40%
  8. Liquidity provides 35%

YearnNFT Finance Airdrop Bounty Campaign

YearnNFT has commenced its Airdrop bounty program from 20 October 2021 distributing free YFNFT tokens after completing some simple below-mentioned tasks. Check out the tasks allotted for participants to earn YFNFT assets.

The rewards will be distributed every week according to the earned assets and contributors alike. Here we go:

  1. Follow, like, comment and RT at least 10 post on YearnNFT Finance Twitter account
  2. Join and comment about the project success on YearnNFT Finance Telegram account
  3. Follow, like and comment on YearnNFT Finance Medium account
  4. Follow, like and comment on YearnNFT Finance Reddit account
  5. Follow, like and comment on YearnNFT Finance Facebook account
  6. Visit, register and refer YearnNFT Finance Website.

Required User Details:

  • Binance Smart Chain Wallet address;
  • Twitter Profile Link;
  • Telegram ID.

The user needs to feed the above-mentioned details in the submission form: We believe in becoming a core hub for the biggest NFT digital art collectibles in the blockchain industry.

YearnNFT Finance is also ready to launch its Registration and Referral Program soon. To join the event, user needs to register with YearnNFT and later will win 100 NFT points and can also refer to earn extra 100 NFT points on every referral. The value of YFNFT tokens is set to be 100 NFT = 0.01 YFNFT.

Visit the Airdrop form.

Join YearnNFT Finance on Telegram Group Channel.

Follow @YearnNft on Twitter and RT the pinned Tweet.

Follow @yearnnft on Medium.

Why is YearnNFT Different from Other NFT Projects?

Considering different domains in the NFT marketplace like music, visual arts, unique card trading; the NFT market has been offering countless possibilities. However, YearnNFT promises to stand out from the crowd right after the project is live and launched for public use.

There are many NFTs relatively brand new, possess limited editions and are one of a kind. You can see this project falling in the same category initiating a step ahead with the element of surprise. Once the user owns a piece then only they can precisely taste the purchased piece. Our bold system and services make minting more exciting for participants and collectors using a unique version of the artist vision.

YearnNFT Finance as a Digital Art Investment

Our BSC project shares a clever resource for NFT investments. Looking at the future plans of the YearnNFT marketplace, we believe that the platform is destined to skyrocket to success; curating cool collections to become worth choosing and more valuable.

We happily welcome any NFT enthusiast to join our social YearnNFT channels becoming the first user with latest updates. We create a friendly space to feature key news on curation, auction, collections and factory projects put together in separate channels.

As we all have witnessed this NFT marketplace exclusive evolution, we agree that one thing is certain- YearnNFT will pave the way to success and will definitely last long. This art NFT market is yet young, growing and transforming. Our team plans to sell the artwork at YearnNFT worth $70 million with a grand opening to gather more and more people’s eyes.

Our Future Plans

We humbly invite you to seize this opportunity and enter the NFT space with YearnNFT Finance. We are new and ready to present great ideas and technologies. We believe in rising and succeeding together with our community members.

Early participants will get a reward of 100 NFT points joining YearnNFT Finance. We will make sure to be transparent so that you can freely trust our plans and project alike. We intend to create influencing potential within the community members.

YearnNFT will soon announce its social media bounty program to distribute YFNFT tokens. The program will run on YearnNFT Finance platform with exclusive offers and bulk-free tokens. You can freely participate and join this program event.

The user needs to complete some basic tasks like Follow, like, retweet, comment and many other social activities.  Once the tasks are completed, you can submit the work in our form with your basic details like BSC address, Twitter profile and telegram profile.

We can analyse your ability through this event checking the skill set and choice preference. YFNFT holders will be able to purchase and reserve rewards. The team at YearnNFT also plans to launch this marketplace platform right after 15 days of presale.

Through this phase, the users can convert their NFT assets points to YFNFT token as per their choice and feasibility. The members also have a chance to stake their NFTs using token. This is a chance to join our Whitelist program and be the early bird in our YearnNFT marketplace development program.

There are many more good news for you coming soon. So, keep a close eye on our social platforms and follow the latest announcements.


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