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Top 5 Crypto Instagram Account That You Should Follow

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For IT and business innovation, cryptocurrency has become more than just jargon. Cryptocurrency, or crypto, has been present since 2009, despite its current rise in popularity.

The technology that supports bitcoin and other initiatives to construct digital currencies has been around since the 1980s and 1990s. DigiCash was, in fact, one of the first attempts to create digital money in the 1990s.

Fast forward to 2009, when Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created, and we’re currently witnessing the emergence of a plethora of new cryptocurrencies every month. We now have over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies, with a total market capitalization of $1.7 trillion. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin are some of the most popular cryptos, having market capitalizations in the billions of dollars.

In reality, this month saw the launch of a new cryptocurrency. This new digital currency, dubbed “X-TOKEN” and based on the Binance Smart Chain, is aimed towards investors and traders who do not have access to computers.

With the growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, a slew of new people are trying to join in on the fun. Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the most popular social media sites in the world, and it is quickly becoming the home of a burgeoning cryptocurrency community.

It’s no surprise that Instagram, being one of the most popular social media sites, should be one of your go-to locations for content, especially when it comes to a continuously expanding and fast-growing business like cryptocurrency.

Which Crypto Instagram Account You Should Follow?

In this section of the article, We will discuss the top instagram account for cryptocurrency which you need to follow:

1. CryptoBrekkie

CryptoBrekkie, commonly known as Brekkie von Bitcoin, is a crypto content maker headquartered in Los Angeles. Perhaps best known for creating the animated series “Blockchain and Morty.”

2. CoinStats

This is a beautiful profile to follow if you want to remain up to date with the newest trends in the sector, as well as breaking news and, as the name implies, changes in the pricing of a variety of currencies.

The majority of the photographs are app screenshots, making it simple to observe the most recent trends and values and assisting you in making rapid judgments regarding investing regularly.

3. CoinGrams

CoinGrams is the number one page you’ll want to follow if you’re looking for a more light-hearted view on the cryptocurrency sector, with memes, graphs, and amusing tweets. Also, if you are looking for new content that will cover you and keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments.

The page has over 78,000 followers and a vibrant community to interact with and meet as of this writing. Perhaps you’ll make some new acquaintances in the industry. You never know what might happen.

4. ShareCrypto

If you want to get all of your cryptocurrency news in one spot on your feed, ShareCrypto is the profile for you. The page keeps you up to date on all you need to know about the bitcoin business at any given time, ensuring that you have access to all of your essential information in one spot.

5. CryptoShews

Because it’s a part of a YouTube channel with the same name and over 120k subscribers, Cryptoshews is probably one of the most well-known Instagram cryptocurrency accounts. Omar, the proprietor of the track and page, travels the world attending prominent events and interviewing the most influential people in the bitcoin field.

We hope that the hunt for your cryptocurrency instagram account will come to an end after reading this article.

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Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan has been active in the cryptocurrency sector since 2014. His love and passion for the nascent industry drove him to develop interest in writing about important developments and updates about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Brennan, who holds a Masters degree in Business Administration, learned about the potential of blockchain technology. Aside from crypto journalism, Brennan runs an education center, where he educates people about the asset class.


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