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What is Uptrennd Coin (1UP)-What Makes Uptrennd Special?


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Uptrennd Coin (1UP) was established in 2019 by Jeff Kirdeikis.

Before making Kirdeikis was associated with the Cryptocurrency Investing Network (CCI).

Kirdeikis observed that there was enormous censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and Google regarding crypto content and ads.

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Kirdeikis and CCI team considered inventing a platform where users can unobstructedly share quality content, earn rewards, and free of censorship.

This idea gave birth to Uptrennd Coin (1UP).

Uptrennd Coin is a social media platform like Steemit, hive.blog etc where content creators are rewarded for their efforts by a cryptocurrency 1UP.

Uptrennd (1UP) not only rewards content writers but also the users who engage with the content.

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Uptrennd (1UP) is based on Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC20 token.

Uptrennd (1UP) is winning some extraordinary attention because it is Defi token.

Just like other Defi coins, Uptrennd has got good recognition form investors and cryptocurrency lovers.

1Up coin has given 20x return since January 2020 and its user database is growing every day.

Uptrennd has passed every other cryptocurrency social media platform on the basis of user registration and daily visits.

1UP is only little behind Steemit and the way Uptrennd is building, it will soon cross Steemit.

Uptrennd uses an upvoting method to reward its users, by 1UP coin.

Uptrennd remunerates its users for creating quality content like plagiarism free posts, videos, news, etc, and also users are rewarded that read and upvote content.

The points earned can be exchanged by 1UP coin.

The value of points is based on advertising revenue of platform, the funds are gathered in Uptrennd blockchain and then fairly distributed among Uptrennd users.


Visit Uptrennd

How To Earn 1UP Coin

You can earn 1up coins by devoting your time and efforts on Uptrennd.

Crypto social media platforms are gaining some tremendous appreciation.

With the help of these platforms, users have no stress of making a website, ranking it on google, attracting new users.

Just what you need to do is make quality original content and your content will gain the attention of Google because of high domain authority of these crypto social websites.

Not only Google will bring traffic to your posts but you will be rewarded on daily basis by the platform community in the shape of Upvotes.

These upvotes are real money, you can exchange these upvotes into crypto social media respective coins (1UP in case of Uptrennd) and then withdraw these coins to your exchange or wallet, convert them into BTC, ETH or to your fiat currency.

Below are simple ways that can help you earn 1Up Token.

  1. Try to get as many upvotes as you can by posting engaging content, The more upvotes means more 1UP coins.
  2. You can ask for a donation for your efforts in contributing to Uptrennd. Several users donate if they observe genuine effort in your content.
  3. Uptrennd uncommon specialty that differentiates it from others is that you can earn 1UP coins by engaging with content.  Reposting any content will make you 50% of points.
  4. You can participate in daily, weekly, or monthly contests for more 1UP tokens.
  5. You can attract new users by Uptrennd affiliate program to win 1UP tokens.

Use Of 1UP Token

1UP token can be used for the following purposes.

  • First of all, you can trade your 1UP coin, 1UP has given more than 20x returns since January 2020 and is being launched on popular exchanges, where you can readily trade 1UP against top cryptocurrencies.
  • You can level up by 1UP tokens. As your level increases, you earn more 1UP coins per upvote.
  • You can support other people by upvoting them with your 1UP coins.
  • When competition is so tough, your post may not get the attention you want, Use your 1UP coins to promote your content and be visible to others.

Uptrennd Rules

Progress is made by rules, if you do not set specific rules, you can never achieve success.

Below are the main Uptrennd rules.

  • Posting any content that is unlawful, harassing, harmful, threatening, abusive, hateful is not allowed.
  • You cannot ask for upvotes.
  • You are not allowed to make multiple accounts.
  • You are allowed to post only in English, Spanish, or Espanol.
  • You cannot create posts that promote unlawful gambling or pyramid scheme.
  • You cannot post any content that causes abuse to minors.
  • Impersonating any individual in any kind of form is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to post any content that is not yours in any form.
  • You are not allowed to do any kind of spam.
  • You cannot break any local, state, national or international laws.
  • You cannot do Upvote gamification.
  • Comments spamming is strongly discouraged.

Uptrennd (1UP) Useful Resources

Below are some useful resources for Uptrennd.

Uptrennd Price

At the time of writing the price of one 1UP coin is $0.053260.

For real-time Uptrennd price visit:


Uptrennd Exchanges

1UP coin is available on the following exchanges.

S.no Pair Exchange Visit
1 1UP/ETH Uniswap (v2) Visit Uniswap
1UP/ETH Idex Visit Idex
3 1UP/BTC ProBit Visit Probit
4 1UP/ETH Altilly Visit Altilly

Uptrennd Twitter

Uptrennd Linkedin


Uptrennd Facebook


Uptrennd Telegram


Uptrennd Frequently Asked Questions


How much funds were gathered in Uptrennd ICO?

Uptrennd did not performed an ICO, It is an independent project.

What is the base of Uptrennd coin?

Uptrennd is an ERC20 token and is a Defi project.

What Uptrennd do with User Data?

Uptrennd has a unique policy of user data and it does not sell any kind of Data to third parties.

Uptrennd also does not censor content, however strict actions are taken if the content does not meet the specified conditions.

What are points and Upvotes on Uptrennd?

One upvote is equal to 0.45 points and one point makes 1 UP coin.

But as you level up you earn more points by a single upvote.

Level One 1 Upvote 0.45 points
Level Two 1 Upvote 0.495 points


Level three 1 Upvote 0.54 points

How much it cost for a single Upvote?

Upvoting content costs you nothing.

How can I convert my points to 1UP Tokens?

Converting points to 1UP token is simple, go to your “account info” option and click on “withdraw points” to convert them into 1UP Tokens.

What are your thoughts on Uptrennd, Do you think that this project will deliver in long term, Please let us know in the comments.

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