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Join a new GameFi project on Ethereum Blockchain – The Age of Gangs

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The NFT industry is getting more and more popular among today’s technology trends. NFT is one of the most effective ways to secure ownership of a digital item and monitor transfer of rights from one owner to another on the blockchain. In addition, such unique tokens allow verifying the identity of an item. In connection with the gaining popularity, a huge number of various projects appear that loudly enter the market, but also quickly fade away. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to maintain the hype, popularity and ensure the required trading volume. For many creators, it’s just about money. However, there is that rare case when a unique project enters the market that can offer a qualitatively new level, can expand the crypto community, and offer something new for digital art.

NFT is a unique and exciting thing and new people come to the market every day, so not only the tempting wrapper is important here, but also the options for organizing the interactions of the authors with the audience. It is important to work out a list of actions and make a plan to follow.

The Age of Gangs is a completely unique NFT project, it provides a new format of a quality product, gives its users the opportunity and great feeling of owning and using gangsters.

The world of The Age of Gangs will show the near future, where the gangs hold all the power. Fierce battles are taking place on the street, London is in darkness from the chaos that is happening in it. The absence of a ruler leads to complete chaos and requires finding someone who will take control. All new groups appear, they grow from the fact that everyone wants to control the city.

The Age of Gangs immerses you in complete confrontation, now everyone can reclaim their place under the sun, create their own group and lead it. The more people in the team, the more weight the voice has in the war that is taking place on the street. The game provides an opportunity to enter into this confrontation and try to reclaim the streets and become the founder of your own empire. The bigger your gang, the more powerful your voice in the street war.

The Age of Gangs project is 10.000 NFT which are carefully drawn. The developers also want to expand the P2E universe with a game. Unique mechanics in the game, interesting options allow you to get not only earnings on the passive, but also the maximum pleasure from the game itself.

A large number of gangsters in a group is the best solution, because the more the gang grows, the more opportunities appear.

You can seize new territory, gather your own coalition, raise a ward and become a mentor.

The pre-sale ( we have been waiting for will begin on December 6, hurry up to participate! The founders made the division of the collection so that everyone could have time to buy their own gangster and create a group. A new world and universe with gangsters is waiting for you!







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