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2.95 Billion Shiba Inu Burn Incoming, Worth $100,000. Along With A Fitness App With Auto SHIB Burn Feature


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Steven Cooper said his company is going to burn $100,000 of SHIB tokens.

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Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment is very active in socializing with ShibArmy. He is doing a great job in burning SHIB coins and decreasing their supply.

Burning is a process where tokens are permanently removed from the circulating supply. As the supply of coins decreases, because of demand, eventually, the price goes high.

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Steven Cooper announced that his company is planning to burn $100,000 worth of Shiba Inu, almost 2.95 Billion tokens.

“Together, we’re going to burn $100,000 in #shib while simultaneously building the ultimate crypto music game. We know this campaign isn’t for everyone, but for the community that trusts & believes in what we’re building, this is for you!”


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Bigger Entertainment is launching a blockchain game, ‘MixDraft’. Bigger entertainment will raise funds for their game in the form of selling postcards for $6. $1 from the sale of every postcard will be used to burn Shib tokens. The team hopes that they will reach a target of $100,000 in SHIB burning, which is 2.95 billion SHIB coins. The remaining $5 from the postcards will be used for game development and its marketing.

The company is also bringing a fitness app that will burn SHIB tokens as users will burn calories. The idea of the ‘Steps’ app was first introduced by ‘Ask The Doctor’, but as ‘Ask The Doctor’ from nowhere turned against SHIB and called it a scam, Cooper came forward to announce that instead of the Canadian health company they are going to launch the fitness app that will auto burn SHIB.


Last week Bigger Entertainment burned 239 Million SHIB tokens as a Christmas party.



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