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Whales Aggressively Buying Chainlink Dip, In Past 24 Hours ETH Whales Accumulated 8,70,335 LINK Worth $20.8M


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Ethereum whales start taking an interest in Chainlink (LINK).

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It all started when a mysterious Ethereum Whale started buying Chainlink rapidly.

The whale ranked 35 by the Whalestats first bought 60,000 Link worth $1,531,200 USD. The same whale again bought 127,999 Link for $3,266,551, 155,110 Link for $3,958,414, 59,999 Link worth $1,531,186, 49,999 Link worth $1,275,986, 130,010 Link  for $3,317,873, 55,120 Link for $1,406,674. That is a massive 6,38,237 link bought worth $15.3 million in 7 transactions in last 24 hours. Chainlink is now the largest holding of Whale 35, representing 77% of her portfolio.


The massive purchase from Whale 35 started a trend of buying Link among whales. 

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Another mysterious Ethereum whale then made four transactions one after the other and accumulated a massive number of LINK coins into his portfolio. In his first transaction, the Whale bought 45,999 Chainlink coins for $1,241,973. The other transaction was carried just after an hour, and the Whale accumulated an additional 54,999 of LINK, for $1,484,994.

Just after an hour, the Whale made the third transaction and accumulated 40,999 of more Chainlink, valued at $1,106,987. At the same time, Whale made the last transaction and added 39,999 more Chainlink for $1,079,986. In the past 24 hours, this whale accumulated 181996 links worth $4.3M.

Overall this Whale now holds 634,040 LINK coins, worth $13.6M. According to Whalestats data, the total value of the wallet right now is $61,685,657, and LINK is the third-biggest position by dollar value (3.74% of his total holding), following Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT).

Following the two whales, another whale bought 50,122 link ($1,304,174). The whale is ranked #99 on Whalestats. In total this Whale currently holds $52,262,972 worth of Link representing 75% of her portfolio.

In the last 24 hours, whales accumulated 870335 Link tokens worth $20.8M. Chainlink’s price is currently trading at $24.39, decreasing -5.24% in the last 24 hours. Whales’ aggressive accumulation can signify a price increase is coming soon.

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