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Shiba Inu Rival BabyDoge Listed By Singapore Largest Exchange ‘Bitget’


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Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitget Global has announced that its users will be allowed to trade Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) later today.


According to the exchange, Baby DogeCoin on Bitget Global will commence today at exactly 12:00 (UTC). Bitget noted that when trading officially goes live, users will only be allowed to trade Baby Doge against Tether stable coin (USDT) and vice versa. 

However, the exchange did not indicate when it intends to add other trading pairs for Baby Doge. 


In anticipation of the trading exercise, users can now deposit their BABYDOGE (BEP-20) coin on the platform, while withdrawal will be open alongside trading. 

Furthermore, the exchange stated that it would also integrate the BABYDOGE tokenomics initiative for the cryptocurrency. Users will receive only 90% of their deposits following a 10% deduction for all on-chain transactions for the token. 

Bitget Global is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The trading platform currently supports 152 coins and is ranked in the top 20 largest cryptocurrency exchanges with a trading volume of $336 million. Readers must note that it is not easy to get listed on any Singapore-based exchange because of the country’s strict regulations.

Meanwhile, news of Baby DogeCoin listing on Bitget Global saw the cryptocurrency surge 9.1% for the day, with the token’s value expected to surge further when trading officially commences. 

Baby DogeCoin is a deflationary meme token. Since its launch last year, the cryptocurrency has been listed on a handful of trading platforms, including Gate.io, OKX, and PancakeSwap. 

Bitget Announces 50,000 BABYDOGE Giveaway

Bitget announced a giveaway exercise to celebrate the milestone, which will see participants share 50,000 units of Baby Doge. 

The giveaway program will run from January 27, 2022, to January 30, 2022, and users can only participate in the exercise when they make a minimum deposit of $100 worth of BABYDOGE. 

Notably, Bitget will distribute the reward based on each user’s deposit amount. 

Bitget is also the official sponsor of Juventus Football Club, colloquially known as Juventus and Juve, a professional football club based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, that competes in the Serie A, the top tier of the Italian football league system.

On the other hand, BitMart, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently shared a weekly list of “Top 10 Most Searched Coins on BitMart.”

This is not surprising that seven meme coins are leading the list, including Shibnobi (Shinja), BabyDoge, Saitama (SAITAMA), Safemoon (SFM), Kishu Inu (KISHU), and Shiba Inu (SHIB) token. Babydoge secured the second position while Shinja was in the first place.

The data indicates that investors are feeling crazy about meme coins. This trend results in the growth of the meme coin industry, and because of such a sensation, new coins continue to appear now and then, building on the fame of Dogecoin.

Since the start of New Year 2022, this baby dog has been grabbing most investors’ attention, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) whales.

According to the data provided by WhaleStats, at the moment, the top 1000 BNB wallets are holding a massive 937,685,655,509,321 (937 Trillion) of Baby Doge Coins, worth $3,915,854 (3.9M).

While looking into the latest BscScan data, we also found that the number of holders keeps increasing for the token day after day.

The current holder count for the meme coin reaches an astonishing 1,341,930 (1.34M) figures today. This means, BabyDoge has managed to cross its rival in terms of holder count and is giving tough competition to its most popular meme coin Shiba Inu. The current holders count for SHIB stands at 1,159,652 (1.15M).

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