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Qubit Increase Bounty To Hacker From $1 Million to $2 Million


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Qubit a DeFi platform is hacked at around 5PM ET on the evening of January 27th and lost $80 Million. Qubit is now offering $2 Million Bounty price and requested hacker to return $80 Million.

Qubit is using it’s Twitter to communicate with hacker but so far, no success. Qubit users have lost $80 million as hackers exploited a protocol and send all funds to their wallets. Qubit initially tweeted and encouraged hacker to reach out to them. Qubit promise an undisclosed bounty price and no legal action against hacker. None of their efforts bring a fruitful result.

In an appeal Qubit requested hacker to return $80 million and to think about all the people who are affected by this. Then on January 29th, Qubit tweeted following:


This tweet didn’t receive a very welcoming response from Qubit users. Majority of Qubit users are furious over this hack. One user tweeted, that Qubit should have frozen the exploiter wallet when there was time.

A couple of hours ago Qubit increase bounty price to record equaling high of $2 million. Qubit finance team stated: “We have secured funds to be able to pay a bounty of $2,000,000 in line with historically high Polygon bounty and our total limit without prosecution. We continue to work with security firms throughout the ecosystem and independently to resolve this exploit. The entire Qubit community is hopeful you will do the right thing and accept the offer”.

In our opinion Qubit hacker should accept this offer. Otherwise it would affect thousands of innocent people who trusted DeFi and crypto.


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