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Why Rebranding Welly’s Logo To Shiba Inu Is A Big Deal For ShibArmy


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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Set For a Massive Rally Following Welly’s Restaurant Partnership.

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Shiba Inu is currently one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. Despite launching in less than two years, SHIB, the project’s native cryptocurrency, has attracted both retail and institutional investors. 

In recent times, SHIB’s adoption has known no bounds, as both minor and major companies have added the 14th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization into their existing payment method. 

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Companies like Travala, GiftChill, and AMC, as well as BitPay merchants, now allow their customers to pay for their various services using the dog-themed cryptocurrency. 

Interestingly, of all the adoption of SHIB as a payment method by global firms, Italian burger restaurant Welly’s took the Shiba Inu adoption to a whole new level. 

The Naples-based sandwich restaurant, which launched last year, not only added SHIB to its payment method, it also went as far as rebranding its entire business to include Shiba Inu-related concepts. 

Welly’s has rebranded its logo to include the SHIB mascot, thus making many enthusiasts describe the restaurant as “SHIB Branded Food Chain.” 

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Aside from the fact that enthusiasts will now be able to pay for their favorite burger using SHIB, the development would further boost the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency, leading to an increase in its price.  

Welly’s is not just any restaurant in Italy, many of its customers consider it a major rival to popular brands like McDonald’s and Burger King. 

The restaurant has a significant number of users, including non-crypto users who buy sandwiches on a daily basis. 

With the addition of shiba inu as a payment method and the rebranding of the company’s logo, most customers will launch enquiries into what prompted the change and they will most likely be recruited into the “Shib Army.” This can cause a major boost in shib adoption not only in Italy but worldwide.

Furthermore, supporters of Shiba Inu already consider Welly’s their own restaurant, which would see enthusiasts patronize the eatery over established brands like McDonald’s.

On the other hand, a deal with McDonald’s or Burger King would never make these giants re-brand their logo to shib. These businesses would have used Shinarmy for their purpose to promote their products and not Shiba Inu.

Now Shib has its own business with its own loge and its own products and the army behind the Shib community can make their business great and compete with any Mcdonald’s and Burger Kings. This is indeed something massive, the first steps are always small but over time taking necessary actions can make you achieve your goals, plans, and dreams of life.

With Welly’s getting an increased number of customers as a result of its Shiba Inu partnership, it is only a matter of time before other restaurants in different locations follow in its footsteps to adopt Shib, which will further boost the cryptocurrency’s value. 

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