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Top Crypto Analyst: ‘Ripple Will Explode After SEC Lawsuit, If You Are Waiting For Outcome You Will Be Too Late’ 


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The top crypto trader and analyst Credible Crypto says that the price of Ripple will not remain affordable once ripple can settle with SEC.

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According to the leading trader, the price of Ripple will skyrocket since the lawsuit with US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is concluded.

In an interview with Thinking Crypto, Credible Crypto said that Ripple technical indicators are not good; they show bearish signs. Still, XRP fundamentals make XRP a favorite to hold firmly.

According to him, it may be too late for those waiting for the outcome of the case before buying XRP because the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC could eventually clarify the regulation of the XRP digital token, which is highly optimistic for the token.

According to Credible crypto, Technicals are yet not looking good.

“XRP does not look that great right now… I think that we’re probably going to go for these lows here ($0.50) and push into… this weekly level of demand that we have here. Again, this level is significant because, from this level, we saw a major move to the upside after what was essentially about six months of consolidation. So the origin of the point at which this consolidation starts to break, whether the upside or the downside, typically acts as support or resistance when revisited.

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Credible explains why he still holds a large amount of Ripple.

“The reason I still hold such a massive amount of XRP despite the sluggish price movement is that I now view it as a hedge against the rest of the market.

If this SEC lawsuit ends – and I think it will, I don’t know when – but I think it will eventually end favorably for Ripple and XRP, and when it does end, XRP will essentially be the only crypto. -an asset with regulatory clarity to the United States.

Once the case is settled, you can expect the price of XRP to skyrocket. So if you are waiting to hear the outcome of the case to intervene, you will be too late. So, you are betting right now, and if your bet pays off and XRP wins, XRP will skyrocket.”

Recently Ben Armstrong, a famous crypto trader with a Youtube following of 1.45M and a Twitter following of 795K, stated that Ripple’s XRP digital token would make holders rich.

Recently, a Fox journalist brought up an extremely intriguing question; she asked that the SEC legal team declare Ripple non-security in 2018. What changed in 2 years made the SEC file a lawsuit against Ripple.


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