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Crypto Capital Venture Founder Says Cardano (ADA) is the “Biggest Sleeping Giant” Waiting to Explode


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Dan Gambardello, the owner of Crypto Capital Ventures (CVV), is bullish on Cardano (ADA) as he makes interesting predictions for the cryptocurrency. 

Speaking in a recent tweet, Gambardello calls ADA the “biggest sleeping giant” that is poised for an impressive run at the appropriate time. 

According to the crypto pundit, the Cardano team has positioned the crypto project to provide a global decentralized financial infrastructure that will eventually result in widespread adoption. 

“Cardano is built to provide decentralized financial infrastructure on a global scale. This is huge, bigger than what most are focused on right now. $ADA is the biggest sleeping giant in crypto. It’s going to explode,” Gambardello tweeted. 


The CCV founder is not the only one bullish on Cardano. Last week, a panel of Finder’s fintech specialists speculated that the price of a unit of ADA will soar to $8.15 in 2025 and subsequently hit $58.04 in 2030. 

Cardano 2022 Performance

Cardano’s recent performance in terms of price has been far from what many envisaged for the year. The coin, which started trading this year around $1.35 is currently worth $0.98, representing a 25% dip on year-to-date. 

Similarly, the price of Cardano has fallen 68.5% from its all-time high (ATH) of $3.09, which was recorded on September 2, 2021. 

Cardano Still Building 

The team behind Cardano are not discouraged by the underperformance of the coin as they continue to make significant efforts toward adding value for investors. 

Cardano has lined up a number of upgrades in the coming years that would contribute to increasing transaction speed by a huge margin, thus making the network a favorite choice for decentralized application (dApp) developers. 

In addition, the Cardano development team recently made a CIP-35 proposal in a bid to increase smart contract speed.  

While ADA’s price performance has not been what investors expect from the cryptocurrency, they have continued to throw their weight behind the project.  

The amount of total value locked (TVL) across various Cardano-based protocols surpassed $100 million


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