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Solana (SOL) Partners PUBG Creator Krafton to Develop and Market Blockchain Games

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Solana (SOL) Partners with PUBG.

Krafton Inc, the company behind the popular video game, announced today that it has signed a long-term partnership with Solana Labs, a move that will see the duo cooperate and develop blockchain-based games. 

Under this partnership, both Solana and Krafton will cooperate and develop blockchain and NFT games and services. The partners will also market and design not only blockchain games, but other innovative technologies in the nascent industry.  

Krafton has been looking for diverse ways to explore its game building capabilities in web3 technologies, and its partnership with Solana is tipped to offer such opportunities. 

Hyungchul Park, Lead of Web 3.0 Roundtable at KRAFTON, Inc., noted that the company will take advantage of the opportunity presented by the partnership to effectively build its Web 3.0 ecosystem, adding: 

“Through this cooperation, KRAFTON will acquire the insight needed to accelerate its investment in and output of blockchain-based experiences.” 


Solana Considered Favorites Among Developers

Solana has been widely adopted by developers looking to launch different blockchain projects like decentralized applications and play-to-earn (P2E) games, among others.

The massive adoption of Solana by developers is because of its network’s strength, high speed, and lower transaction fees.   

The widespread adoption of Solana puts the network’s native cryptocurrency as the ninth-largest coin, with a market capitalization of nearly $30 billion. 

Commenting on the company’s recent partnership, Johnny Lee, Head of Games Business Development at Solana Labs, said: 

“We are seeing gamers increasingly seek out on-chain games and gaming companies who respond quickly to this demand will set themselves up well for ongoing success.”

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