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IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson Says Vasil Hard Fork Will Massively Improve Cardano’s Scaling


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Charles Hoskinson is very optimistic about Cardano Vasil Hard Fork.

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder, and CEO of Input-Output Global (IOG), the firm responsible for the research and development of Cardano, has teased the project’s community about the improvements that will accompany the upcoming Vasil hard fork. 

Hoskinson, in his regular YouTube live session yesterday, noted that the Vasil hardfork, which is expected to be deployed in June, will come with “pipelining,” a unique feature that will usher in a massive improvement of the current Cardano ecosystem. 

The pipelining feature, according to Hoskinson, is the evolution of Cardano’s plumbing, and it is a significant element of the network’s scaling plan for 2022. 

Cardano’s pipeline will also introduce significant improvements to the network’s consensus layer, which fosters faster block propagation. 

Once the Vasil hard fork is implemented, the pipelining feature will foster greater gains in the headroom, thus positioning the network in the ideal spot to rival top blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. 

Although Hoskinson considers the pipelining feature an integral part of the project’s scaling plans for the year, it is worth noting that other plans are still in consideration to enhance Cardano’s scaling. 

As most of you know, a main hard fork combinator event is occurring in June, which is the Vasil hard fork, that will have pipelining feature, which will be a tremendous performance improvement to Cardano.

Vasil Hardfork will also provide the first major enhancement of Cardano’s Plutus, the network’s smart contract platform, its first upgrade since it went live in September 2021.  

“Combined, all these changes will lead Cardano to a position where it is faster than its competitors, and a highly competitive platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) this year,“ Hoskinson said. 

Vasil Hard Fork to Lure More Developers

Recall that many decentralized applications have gone live on Cardano since the introduction of Plutus, which bolstered the utility of the ADA coin. 

While the Cardano community was still celebrating the widespread adoption of the network by developers, Hoskinson disclosed that more decentralized applications are still waiting for the implementation of the Vasil hard fork before they would go live on the network. 

“What most also don’t understand is that many Cardano dApps are waiting for the Vasil hard fork in June to launch to benefit from pipelining. So it seems we ain’t seen nothing yet on TVL,” Hoskinson said. 

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