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Owner of Jack Dorsey First Tweet NFT Struggling to Sell One Year After Paying $2.9 Million For It


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A businessman who bought Jack Dorsey’s tweet as a non-fungible token for millions of dollars a year ago is still finding it difficult to sell the digital collectible on popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. 

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Recall that in 2021, Sina Estavi, CEO of Oracle Bridge paid a whopping sum of $2.9 million for the NFT version of the first tweet made by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. 

Estavi Moves to Sell the NFT

The tweet, which reads “Just setting up my twttr” was minted as an NFT and described as being valuable and of equal significance to the popular Mona Lisa art. 

One year after the groundbreaking purchase, Estavi disclosed his willingness to sell the tweet for $48 million or more, in a bid to donate 50% of the revenue raised to a U.S. poverty charity dubbed GiveDirectly. 

He proceeded to make the necessary sale settings on OpenSea last week, with hopes that interested buyers will pay $48 million or more for the non-fungible token version of Dorsey’s first tweet so that he can give out nearly $25 million to GiveDirectly. 

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“I decided to sell this NFT (the World’s first-ever tweet) and donate 50% of the proceeds ($25 million or more) to the charity,” Estavi tweeted. 


Nobody Willing to Pay $10,000

While many would think the offer would receive lucrative bids from interested buyers, the highest bid as of today was $6,200, a fraction of the $2.9 million initially paid to acquire the tweet.  

The CEO tweeted again earlier today, saying

Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet NFT. March 2021: Bought for $2.9 million. April 2022: Re-listed for Sale at $48 million. Today: Current Best Offer – $6,222.36.” 

Although Estavi claimed that he had received a bid of $10 million prior to now, he stated that he “may never sell the asset” if he does not get a better bid to enable him to donate substantial funds to the charity. 

He is confident that the value of the asset will skyrocket in the coming years as more people continue to learn about non-fungible tokens

“Now I say this NFT is the Mona Lisa of the digital world. There is only one of it and it will never be the same,” Estavi added. 

According to Estavi, the potential buyer of the NFT must be worthy of the asset like Elon Musk, the CEO of American electric car company Tesla. 

He also said that Elon might be interested in buying the NFT.


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