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BitPay Now Allows People to Buy Apple Products Using Bitcoin And Shiba Inu


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BitPay has given crypto users another opportunity to purchase Apple’s flagship products using Bitcoin and Shiba Inu.

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Popular cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay has announced that crypto users can now purchase different Apple products using digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

People can now purchase Apple products, including MacBooks and iPhones, from retailers supporting cryptocurrency payments via a few simple steps.

How to Buy Apple Products

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Apple products can be purchased using SHIB or BTC in three different ways, such as buying items from retailers that support crypto payments, using BitPay debit cards, as well as exchanging your cryptocurrencies for gift cards and using them to buy Apple products of interest.

At the moment, Apple as well as other retailers do not accept direct cryptocurrency payments. Interestingly, people can purchase their Apple MacBooks and iPhones directly from popular U.S. retailers like Newegg.

The online retailer, which has a partnership with BitPay, allows users to purchase Apple products as well as other items using Shiba Inu and Bitcoin.

The process of making the purchase has been simplified by the company as users can get their favorite products using supported cryptocurrencies in a few clicks.

  • Users can Shop instantly from Apple merchants that take crypto payments. Retailers that accept crypto payments for Apple products. As Apple itself does not accept crypto payments BitPay has partnered with retailing giant ‘Newegg’ where users can buy Apple products like a MacBook Pro or iPhone with Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, or any other crypto that Bitpay supports. As the ‘TheCryptoBasic’ reported, Newegg added support for Shiba Inu in November last year.
  • The other way to buy Apple products is to register for a Bitpay Debit card. The card can be used by any retailer that accepts crypto payments.
  • The third way is to buy gift cards with crypto using Bitpay, which can then be used to buy apple goods of choice.

BitPay noted in the announcement:

“Newegg is your best option for buying a MacBook Pro or iPhone with Bitcoin or other crypto. Simply complete the transaction as normal and select “BitPay” under payment options. Use your BitPay Wallet or another trusted crypto wallet to complete the transaction,”

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