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Cardano Lead Developer Finally Launches Vasil Hard Fork on Testnet 


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The Vasil upgrade has taken a significant step toward its mainnet launch scheduled for later this month. 

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Cardano’s research and development team has announced the launch of Vasil Hard Fork on the network’s testnet. According to an announcement made by Input Output Global (IOG), the project’s lead developer, Vasil Hard Fork, was deployed on the blockchain’s testnet yesterday at around 20:20 UTC, in a move considered an important step toward the launch of the upgrade on mainnet.

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The testnet launch of Vasil Hard Fork, according to the IOG, will allow cryptocurrency exchanges, stake pool operators (SPOs), and developers to conduct rigorous testing for the upgrade in order to ensure everything is working as expected.

The testing of Vasil will be done within the next four weeks, and after the relevant parties are sure that the upgrade is working flawlessly, Vasil will finally go live on mainnet by the end of this month, the announcement adds.

Requirements to Test Vasil

All projects are requested to check backward compatibility and SPOs will also be required to make some adjustments to their scripts. The process is expected to be seamless. However, the IOG and Cardano Foundation team will be available to guide projects during the testing period.

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“The teams at [Cardano Foundation] & IOG will be working closely with exchanges and DApp/tool developers throughout this process. As soon as we are confident that ecosystem partners are comfortable & ready, we’ll submit an updated proposal to upgrade the #Cardano mainnet to #Vasil,” IOG adds.

Expected Features of Vasil

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, described Vasil as the most complicated Hard Fork the network’s development team has embarked on. In a bid to avoid mistakes, the IOG postponed the launch of Vasil from last month to the end of this month.

Vasil is tipped to enhance different aspects of Cardano, including the network’s scalability, high throughput diffusion pipelining, script performance and the blockchain’s efficiency among others.

“The Vasil upgrade will also include Cardano cryptographic primitive improvements (enabling greater interoperability options for other blockchains), a tuned Plutus interpreter, and a new cost model, which are all part of Plutus V2 scripts,” the IOG said.

If the Vasil test is successful, the upgrade will go live on Cardano Mainnet by the end of this month.

ADA Soars Only 0.1%

Meanwhile, news of Vasil Hard Fork’s launch on Cardano Testnet had no impact on the price of ADA, the native cryptocurrency of Cardano. ADA is still trading around $0.45, the price level it changed hands for most part of the weekend.

The cryptocurrency is up 0.1% at the time of writing this line.

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